Did President Trump just save ZTE?


As we all know, Samsung and Apple are still two biggest companies when it comes to modern phones. Whether you are an android fan or a fan of the iOS, there is no doubt that you have seen how both of them look. These are the giants of this market.

Well, the one company that is trying their best to match up with the giants is ZTE. But, it’s kind of hard for them to do that when they have a huge ban in the US.

ZTE is actually the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the States and has been in trouble lately as the US Commerce Department issued a denial order which is preventing US businesses from providing services or even selling hardware to Chinese tech giant. We are talking about a seven-year ban here that actually forced ZTE to say goodbye to some of their “major operating activities.”

But don’t you worry, here comes President Trump, ZTE’s newest ally! He has tweeted out that he is working with the President of China, Xi Jinping, on getting back into business this massive Chinese phone company. He wants to find a way to make everything work and he wants to do it fast.

He even stated that the Commerce Department has been instructed to get things done quick, fast and in a hurry.

ZTE has been working hard on getting that denial order overturned. Their biggest hopes were the bilateral trade talks between US and China. Now, it seems that they have President Trump on their side, which is a huge plus for the Chinese company.

It is a bit of a surprise that Trump of all people has stated that he is concerned about Chinese people losing jobs since he was the one to say that protecting the jobs of the American people is something that he wants to focus on.

Anyway, this is a strange situation. We’ll have to wait and see the results of Trump’s and ZTE’s efforts.


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