Can Life in the UK Test be Done Online – 2024 Guide


Life In The UK Test is part of your application for British citizenship and there are no exceptions to this, as it is a required document. This test is applied online, lasts 45 minutes and you must have over 75% correct answers to be considered passed. You need to book it at least three days in advance to get your appointment. The test is solved using a computer. Of course, you can prepare in advance and practice some of the questions through PracticeLifeInTheUkTests and similar services.

Are there any conditions you need to meet for this test?

First of all, you must be 18 years old. Exceptions are children under 18 and adults over 65. If you have a chronic illness or condition, include a medical report. Exceptions are applicants who have submitted an ILR application, which includes this test. Keep in mind that this is a mandatory document and only in certain cases there can be an exception, ie if your mental or physical condition does not allow it.

What is the test like?

This test lasts 45 minutes and you have 24 questions, with multiple choice answers offered. To pass, you must have correctly answered at least 18 questions. You must bring proof of identification with you. The whole process should not take more than two hours.

What are the most important topics for the test?

When you apply for testing, you will receive the Life in the UK Test Handbook, where you will find useful information on British history, government, geography, and local culture. Of course, all these questions are related to the information in the manual, which means that you need to learn them well so that you can then pass the test without any problems.

Of course, this is done in testing centers, so we can say that you can’t do the test from home online. This test will cost you around 50 GBP.

The results of this test have a permanent term, ie they are valid as long as you need them. If you fail the test, then its price is not refundable and you have to pay again, so you can take the exam again in at least seven days. Please note that this test is mandatory and that if you experience overstaying due to taking the test, you must report it to the authorities.

What do you get after passing this test?

With a passed test you can apply for British citizenship, or for a residence permit longer than three months. The immigration process in the UK is simple if you have met all the necessary conditions. Always make sure that the application is complete for you so that you can make your appointment as soon as possible.

What kind of life do you get after becoming a resident?

The people of Great Britain live in an orderly state, a kingdom, surrounded by sea and ocean. As you know, it consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which means that you have residency in all these countries and you can travel and visit authentic sites and enjoy the rich cultural life.

You also have many opportunities for education and work, and at the same time, one of the most stable health systems in the world is available to you. Caring for residents is like nowhere else. Anyone facing unemployment or a similar problem can apply for assistance and reintegration programs.

Why is it important to pass the Life in the UK test?

From what we have already said, it is clear to you that this is a country that wants to maintain the standard and quality of life. That is why it is difficult for her to obtain resident status. The British want to share their society with people who invest equally in themselves and in the domestic economy. That is why many conditions must be met, including the test we are talking about, in order to be able to apply for British citizenship.

However, additional documents may be required or the application may be returned indefinitely. Be prepared for that too. It’s good that the test is valid for you all the time and you do not need to retake it.

How to prepare for the test?

In addition to the book we have already talked about, you can also facilitate the learning process yourself. You probably already know some details about the UK from the general culture. You may have learned something in school. Also, if you follow British pop culture, the royal family, and other social aspects, you already know a lot of the necessary things.

However, once you get the handbook, learn the questions well. If necessary, search the internet for more information and try to remember the facts. Although you need 75% correct answers, it is very likely that you will be able to have much more than that. The reason is that British culture, political system, and social order are really interesting and easy to remember.


No matter how easy it may seem, for each test, you have to learn what is important. This also means that you will have to dedicate time to the preparations, but also to be realistic in your expectations. Some people already know a lot of the information they need, while others need to put in more effort.

Finally, let us recall the most important information – the test costs 50 GBP, you need to learn from the handbook, and if you do not pass it, you do not have the right to retake it in the next seven days. But when you pass it, the certificate is of permanent significance.

We still wish you good luck in the process of obtaining British citizenship. And remember, even when you think it was difficult, remember that it was really worth it, because of the living conditions you get. The test is not difficult, although you need time and effort to pass it. But when that happens, you get a chance to move to one of the best countries in the world.