Why Does Your Breath Smell So Bad With Invisalign?

A person’s smile is usually the first thing people notice whenever they meet them. Smiling increases self-esteem and makes people feel wonderful. However, if their smile doesn’t make you cheerful, it might lower their self-esteem. Several individuals face dental issues like underbites, overbites, and crowded teeth.

Nowadays, teeth can get straightened more efficiently than ever before. With the help of Invisalign, people can get their teeth straightened and be more confident and cheerful with their smiles. It is a cutting-edge method of treating dental issues. Clear guides arrange teeth in the correct positions and are transparent, ensuring the elimination of visibility and the right fit for your teeth.

Maintaining the Invisalign takes a lot of work. Each day, people must remember to switch their aligners after meals, wash & floss their teeth, and clean their aligners.

Why Does Wearing Invisalign Cause Bad Breath?

Even with careful maintenance, you could occasionally suffer foul breath while using the Invisalign. Nobody desires bad breath; therefore, we’ll go over a few primary wrong breath sources urging from the aligners and the accessories you will need in invisible braces to keep the breath fresh. Users can maintain good breath during their treatment if they eliminate these terrible habits & ensure cleanliness.

●   Not Removing The Aligners Before Drinking Or Eating

These invisible Invisalign are made, so they must be put on as long as possible, not during meals. One may develop lousy breath if one eats or drinks while wearing an Invisalign. Moreover, Invisalign is an excellent object for those with dental issues who need a lot of care. It helps in making people confident enough for their smile as well as making them happy.

Even though Invisalign has no diet limitations like the metal braces, it still has a few guidelines to follow while eating. The main rule is to remove their aligners before every meal and beverage. The only exception is while having plain water; otherwise, you need to remove it every time, especially while having drinks or meals containing sugar.

●   Failing To Wash The Invisalign And Brushing Teeth Right After Each Mealtime

Cleaning the teeth, Invisalign, and mouth before germs can grow is the secret to avoiding stinky breath from Invisalign. Always carry a brush with you. If nothing else, one must compulsorily wash their aligners and cleanse their teeth after drinking and eating. To remove any last traces of food residue or plaque that causes bad breath, one must take time and thoroughly clean their retainers using a soft-bristled brush. Failing to do so can trigger bacterial growth and hence cause bad breath.

●   Lack Of Frequent Cleansing Of Invisalign


Remember to clean the retainers every several weeks thoroughly. Make it a habit to cleanse the aligners before replacing them. Brushing the Invisalign and teeth for a short period will help avoid bad breath. Yet, dirt and germs can still cling to the aligners with time, causing stinky breath. So they can thoroughly cleanse their Invisalign every week to stop this from happening & make them last longer. Numerous DIY solutions can be used for easy & quick alignment cleansers. Just spare a half-hour period every week dedicated to the Invisalign.

●   Feeling The Effects Of Dry Mouth

Carry a water container close to you at all times when using Aligners. A dry mouth is among the leading causes of foul breath. Whether someone uses aligners or not, one must always keep their mouth hydrated. However, during the initial weeks of using Aligners, few users experience suffering from dry mouth.

As a result, one must constantly carry a water bottle when receiving surgery. In this manner, people are able to keep a cure ready if they notice that their mouth is becoming dry.

How Can You Avoid Bad Breath

Happily, more special treatments are available for foul breath caused by Aligners. Use Movemints and other Aligners products to avoid your stinky breaths.

Although we have covered many of the most effective techniques to avoid having foul breath, there are still some additional things people can try to avoid having stinky breath. Let’s dig into some of the accessories you can use while using Aligners to ignore foul breath:

  • Before re-inserting the Invisalign, experts advise using Smilesaver Spray to clean them. It is one of the quickest and simplest methods for cleaning them. Users are not even required to wash their Invisalign before changing them. It contains a peroxide-free formula to prepare them for use right after the spray.
  • Using a proxabrush to fight is quite helpful for washing between the braces appliances and reaching confined regions that are challenging to access. It will assist in removing unseen plaque and dislodging food particles to avoid or eradicate foul breath.
  • A Waterpik, commonly known as a water flosser, works wonders for fighting stinky breath by cleaning your teeth and gums, eliminating tartar, and dislodging food particles lodged in these aligners.
  • Consider including a mouthwash into your daily dental care regimen if you’re diligently cleaning and flossing but still get a stinky breath from your braces. Your preferred choice is a fluoridated antimicrobial mouthwash. It will aid in eliminating odor-producing bacteria and cavities, which might lead to bad breath. It is recommended to use it two times a day for about sixty seconds.
  • One must always keep themselves away from tobacco and caffeine. Tobacco can create dryness in your mouth, along with other adverse effects. It includes tobacco in every form, like hookah, cigarette, and many more. On the other hand, caffeine also dries out your mouth or maybe the main reason behind foul breath while using Invisalign.


Invisalign is one of the best things to make you confident about your smile and cheerful without any consciousness. It is better than using metal braces, as they are almost invisible. Maintaining oral health with this Invisalign is challenging in the initial days, but once people get used to doing it daily, it will come naturally. One can take great control of Invisalign & avoid stinky breath by heeding our advice.

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