The Bitcoin Trading Simulators That Will Give You a Solid Skill Basis

If only 11 years ago no one hoped that the changes in the world of money could still be more extensive, today we are already witnessing some changes that no one ever hoped for. Why is that? This is due to the appearance of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that broke all records of popularity and all records of stock market performance. That’s the pride of the cryptocurrency family, although others are slowly growing in value and popularity, but not as much as this concept has done. In just 11 years, he managed to make a change that we did not expect and that reflected well and managed to defeat the skepticism that existed in all people who are part of the world of finance.

Thanks to the enormous profit potential Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity. That’s why the number of traders is constantly rising. Besides, that Bitcoin traders and users have a lot of other benefits that they experience with this currency.

However, trading can be tough at times which is why you’ll need a bit of practice if you’re looking to start trading. Since this is done online all you need is to find the right exchange. This calls for a bit of research to see what the community has to say about it. Also, don’t forget to see if it has been hacked in the past so you know if it’s safe or not.

You’ll need to learn essential trading skills such as market analysis, keeping track of regulations for Bitcoin and its value, how to make various decisions in all kinds of situations, and so on. But how will you learn this? Should just start trading?

Thanks to the gaming industry you won’t have to risk any money to get the Bitcoin trading essentials. Game developers have created a few trading simulator apps that you can enjoy on a mobile device or a computer. These apps will help you get a grasp of the basics and give you a foundation to work with. Here are some of them:

Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin is a currency that has great potential and offers great opportunities. We see the potential in popularity, and we see the opportunities in what can be done with it. Believe it or not, it can already be paid in large companies, but before this currency can be mined, but it can also be traded. Trading is done based on the results recorded on the stock exchange, and trading is done through a predetermined way to do so. This is usually done with the help of sites, ie platforms that allow it in a safe and secure way. One of those platforms is Bitcoin Hero, a popular option that offers a lot to you.

In this app, you’ll be able to trade with virtual money and virtual assets that have real-life prices. You’ll also be given some tools to analyze the market with and make your decisions based on that. In short, with Bitcoin Hero, you’ll get some proper training when it comes to Bitcoin trading. It is very important to get some foreknowledge before trading. However, this cryptocurrency is not something we should joke about, so there is this opportunity through which you can get some advice and get some training before you start trading with one goal – to do not make unnecessary mistakes that can cost you dearly. The other players will be your competition.

If you still find trading by yourself risky, then you can opt for Yuan Pay Group. This is a trading platform that does everything you would do as a trader. You can rely on its algorithm to do the trading for you. But you’ll need an account if you’re looking to make use of this platform. A small deposit is also needed if you’re going to start trading via the platform. First, you’ll need to go over a couple of tutorials and a demo lesson if you want to get to know the settings better. If that’s the case then you can set the platform and go for a live session.

Altcoin Fantasy

Bitcoin Hero focuses strictly on Bitcoin, but Altcoin Fantasy offers more than just this cryptocurrency. This means that someone has thought of offering something that will be available to literally anyone no matter what option in the crypto world has been decided upon. So if you’re looking to get skilled in trading other cryptos you can try this app. Naturally, there’s nothing stopping you from training in trading just one cryptocurrency. You get a virtual trading market with this app as well and some competition in the form of other players. Also, you’ll get some tools to analyze the market with.

What sets Altcoin Fantasy apart from other trading simulators is the fact that it offers competitions. These competitions reward the most skilled player with a specific amount of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency they prefer. So, if you’ve got some skills, you’ll get your first Bitcoin without a starting budget.

Finally, we would like to point out that this platform is a great opportunity for any beginner, for anyone who invests in another cryptocurrency to start learning how to buy and sell crypto, something that is very important for further experience.


Altcoin Fantasy and Bitcoin Hero are just 2 of the many simulators you’ll come across. With the skills you’ll learn with them you’ll be able to navigate around the exchange you’ve chosen. You’ll also need to learn other things like keeping an eye on the value of the cryptocurrency, regulations regarding Bitcoin, ways to make your assets secure, how to find the right wallet, and so on. By mastering these aspects you’ll be a formidable Bitcoin trader and you’ll be able to navigate easily through the changes.

This is a perfect way to learn something more, to create an experience that will serve you further so that you can trade and reach success. And what is success? Success is much more than a good budget, success is much more than savings – success is the knowledge to be part of this crypto world.

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