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Best Games for kids that will make them become Good Adults in Future

It’s early in the morning and you have so much work to do but you have a sweet 5-year-old kid who wants to play silly games with you or wants to watch power rangers on television but you want him/her to build his skills and have some fun at the same time.

You are thinking of your kids as someone who has experienced a lot in their lives and wants their kid to grow up a bit fast by letting them understand the world a bit more quickly. But you don’t want to read them a book which will make them feel sleepy which results in a complete look on your kid’s face.

We have a solution by which learning and brain development of your kid seems fun.

There are different varieties of games and activities that will keep them away from the television screen while helping them develop their thinking at the same time.

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The term given to these type of games is “Brain Games”, kids generally play brain games to develop and learn some new skills resulting in an improvement of their overall behavior.

From the time they are born, everything they are doing is learning for them. Whether it is the picking up their stuff toy of changing the channels of your television, they are always learning something.

Some of the many skills that they can acquire while playing these games are:

  • Thinking skills
  • Creativeness
  • Problem-solving
  • Linguistic enhancement
  • Conceptual learning and many more!

Top 8 brain games for kids are as follows:

Kitchen Games

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It is imperative that you teach your kid proper dining etiquettes from their initial years. They should also know how the process is in a kitchen, whether it’s related to preparing food or washing utensils. There are some great kids kitchen sets which are the dummy version of your kitchen, and if you want to learn more about the kitchen etiquettes check these top-rated kids kitchen sets on TheTechSwag. These have been specially developed so that kids from 3-10 years can learn more about the kitchen etiquettes.


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Sudoku is a game in which we have to fill the missing numbers in the puzzle. The basic rule of the games is that there can only be one of each number in every row. Kids can play Sudoku online, or it also comes in most of the newspaper nowadays. This game develops both creative skills as well as problem-solving skills of your kid.

Building Blocks

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It is the most popular game that has been evolved many times, but still, every kid likes to play it a lot. There are different types of blocks with different colors and different shapes and sizes. This game develops your kid’s creativity and enhances their skills.


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Good boy- bad boy, doctor-nurse, the options are never-ending.

Role-playing is an excellent way to increase a kid’s creativity and imagination skills.

This game can also help your kid in creating a conscience toward good or bad.


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Go up? Or Go Down?

Go Left? Or Go Right?

Mazes is a perfect brain boosting game. It can help your kid in developing visual motor skills as well as problem-solving ability. For example, there is a problem that is the “maze”, first your kid will see the whole maze through his eyes and analyze the entire maze through his/her perspective and then your kid will try to find the best path to reach the center of the labyrinth.

Board Games

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Ludo, snakes and ladder, chess are some of the best board games ever.

Board game teaches your kid a very prime thing of life that is – patience that he has to wait for his turn in the game. This helps your kid when he wants something but has to wait for it. For example, he has to wait in line to order something at a coffee shop.

Hide and Seek

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In this game, you need to hide and ask your kid to find you or vice versa. The more people involved, the better it is to play this game.

It also helps you to make your kid exercise physically.

This game makes your kid think of places to both hide and search, which results in the development of problem thinking skills and object analyses at an early age.


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This game is also known as “freeze”. It’s a simple game in which a song is playing in the background and your kid needs to move and perform a different action but when the music stops, they need to stay in the exact same position in which they are. The first one to move is out.

The game is best played in a group. It can be played with anyone and anywhere.

It also builds team spirit and imagination.

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