5 Best Gadget Gifts for Tech Guys

Tech guys are always busy and prefer gifts that they can use on the go. Electric shavers, Wireless earphones, Security cameras, rechargeable toothbrush and Drones are among some of the presents you may buy for them. Consider buying:

  1. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Shaving clean requires that you make use of a tested shaver designed to deliver a smooth shave within minutes.  The shaver must feature a flexible cutting element pivoted at the head to guarantee a clean shave. This Braun razor review looks at some of the key features that make Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver rate high among the gifts you should consider when buying a gift for tech guys. Note that Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver is one of the shavers with MacroMotion, which allow it maintain close contact with the skin to ensure maximum adaptability as you shave. This is what enables it to give thorough results much faster.  The shaver features intelligent sonic technology that executes 50,000 cross-cutting in a minute.

  1. Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

It is one of the devices you must buy if you are looking forward to perfect headphones that will keep you entertained on a 24/7 basis. The solo3 wireless headphones feature fine-tuned acoustics that guarantees maximum clarity. The unit is adjustable with comfort cushioned ear cups that feels comfortable on your head. It comes with a 40-hour battery life that requires about 30 minutes of charging to guarantee you continued streaming of music for two running days. With this earphones, you will control the music using the on-ear controls and take your calls without a problem.  One of the reasons why it prominently features in this Braun razor review is that it comes with a universal USB charging cable, 3.5 mm Remote talk cable, a carrying case and a warranty card and you can easily connect them with other devices like projectors and LED’s to make your travel less boring and more entertaining. 

  1. Nest Cam Security Camera

It is an indoor security camera designed to help you ensure that everything is ok at home. It gives you a piece of mind and allows you to go about your business without worrying. The camera features a clear 1080p HD that gives it clear pictures of anything that goes on in your home when you are away. It gives a 24/7 streaming and personal alerts through an app and can be relied on if you want to keep an eye on everything taking place at home when you are away. Its talk &listen capability can be relied on to scare away an intruder. Also, it will capture the images of the intruders giving the authority a chance to arrest them after the incident.

  1.  Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth

This is another product for tech guys that must find a place in this Braun razor review. The device communicates with the smartphone and provides feedback on your brushing habits in real time. It features a 3D cleaning Oscillate action and pulsates that break and remove the plaque along the gumline faster. It features a pressure sensor light that will glow to indicate that you are brushing too hard. The toothbrush is an ideal device for anyone looking for clean and healthy gums. Although the unit should not replace flossing, it is rated high by dentists because of its ability to prevent over brushing.

      5.   DJI Phantom 4 Starter Bundle Drone

The drone is fitted with 4K ultra HD video that supports a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels. This is what ensures that all the images it collects are crystal clear. Also, it features gimbal stabilization technology and a hover function that allows the drone to capture clear images even when it is in the air. DJI Phantom 4 drone features Active Track that allows it to track objects automatically as it flies. The drone features a smart return home button designed to help it avoid obstacles on its return journey. It is capable of 28 minute maximum flight time and can cover a distance of up to 3.1 miles. It moves at a maximum speed of 72km/h.

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