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Young Dolph’s Net Worth 2021 and a Closer Look at His Life

Adolph Thornton, Jr., or Young Dolph, is an American rapper who is considered to be a local hero and one of the most influential figures taking part in the resurgence of Memphis hip-hop. He became immediately famous after he published his first album called King of Memphis. After that he released two more albums and a number of mixtapes. Here’s a closer look at his life and where his net worth stands.

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Young Dolph’sEarly Life

Young Dolph was born on August 11, 1985, in Chicago but his parents moved to Memphis when he was only two years old. He and his four siblings had a hard childhood as their parents weren’t really responsible people. He has a song about his childhood called Preach.
Last year, Young Dolph was a target of a major shooting which took place in Charlotte, North Caroline. In fact, around 100 rounds were fired in the shooting and some of the shots hit vehicles and residences near the place. It is believed that the shooting happened because of a rivalry between YoGotti and Dolph. Nevertheless, no official announcement has been made by neither of them.

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Young Dolph’s Career

In 2008, Young Dolph was part of a serious car accident which almost took his life. Moreover, while he was recovering, his grandmother, who was fighting lung cancer, died. All of this became so overwhelming and he started looking for ways to release his emotions. He found music to be a great way to let go of his emotions.

As he always hated to hear rappers singing about fake stories, he made his first song. He got plenty of support from his friends and released his first mixtape titled Paper Route Campaign. This mixtape was a huge success and he started to take music more seriously. Then, he released a number of other mixtapes, including Welcome 2 Dolph World, Time to Kill, Blue Magic, and High-Class Street Music. He also started working with Zaytoven and Drumma Boy, huge label producers and released High-Class Street Music 4 and the single, Peach.

In 2016, he released his debut album which was positively accepted by music critics. In fact, it reached at number 49 on the Billboard 200 album chart. After that, many more mixtapes and albums followed. He released his next mixtapes, Rich Crack Baby and Gelato. Likewise, he released his second album called Bulletproof and third studio album titled Thinking Out Loud. His latest and third album reached at number 16 on Billboard 200 and featured Gucci Mnae, Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz, and DRAM.

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Young Dolph’s Net Worth

It is estimated that the net worth for 2021 of Young Dolph stands at $1 million. Most of his earnings come from his albums and mixtapes. However, he has also appeared on shows from which he earned $30,000 per show. Moreover, he also earns from YouTube and his official merchandise store. He is so popular that he has over 2.8 million followers in his official Instagram and 556k followers on his Twitter.

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Young Dolph’s Personal Life

Young Dolph is not married yet but has two kids. He became a young father of a son with a girl whose identity hasn’t been revealed. Dolph is a relationship with his longtime girlfriend whose identity has also not been revealed. He also has a daughter with his girlfriend called Aria Ella. He seems to keep his personal and love life a secret as we don’t know much about it.