What Is XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink?

We bet you could swear to hear the word ‘detox’ at least every other day, if not every day. No wonder, considering the fact that in recent years various methods of this type have flooded women’s and men’s magazines, internet articles, blog posts, and forums. In the form of drinks, special supplements, certain types of food… Opinions and results get exchanged, as well as effective diets recipes that accelerate the effect of such endeavors, and there are also some common challenges, bunches of motivation, and much more. Everything for health, right?

Since there are already hundreds of tips for certain ways of eating healthy in this virtual kingdom called the Internet, as well as hundreds of recipes for various drinks, today we have something different. Today, we’ll do our best to focus a little more on another type of removal of harmful and toxic substances from the body, which includes a type of supplement made by Detoxify – XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink.

Just like all the things we’re in the mood for and eager to try, these detoxifiers deserve special attention when it comes to revisions and reviews and therefore our goal is to introduce you to this piece and help you decide whether or not to give it a chance. The decision is yours and only yours and everything is up to you – so let’s see if our words can make it at least a little bit easier for you.

What’s actually XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink and what does it contain?


This supplement is said to be a product of many years of work by a dedicated team of experts. If their website, where some basic information about the company and its development and business can be found, is to be believed, it took time and years of exploration and research until it came to what Detoxify represents now.

As one of the items from the main and permanent offer of this company, XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink has stood out as one of the most used and popular supplements for ultra-fast release of all toxins and harmful substances produced by our body. This process occurs on three levels: the body is cleansed through the digestive tract, the urinary system, and finally through the circulatory system, which means that this covers all the fields where a human being needs detoxification.

Although some sources state that the preparation helps equally effectively with a fairly high level of toxins in the body, user reviews on Amazon, as well as XXtra Clean review by experts from, testify that the best result is still obtained when it comes to average levels.

As for the ingredients themselves, it could be said that its creators made an effort to include all the most basic and most fruitful substances, minerals, and vitamins in a single formula. In addition to the inserted complex, which includes vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, C, and D, as well as the necessary doses of magnesium, zinc, and calcium, dozens of natural ingredients are obtained in this form. These are extracts of stevia, dandelion, ginseng, and various fruit fibers. So, in essence, a very solid combination of useful substances that together could really work wonders.

The flavor seems to be fruity (as it’s stated on the product that it’s tropical fruit flavored), so it means that there won’t be unpleasant tastes or gagging while drinking it. The truth is that this can’t be said for all supplements and all those drinks that are suggested by numerous web pages and nutritionists.

How should it be used?


The use of this preparation should start by trying to stay away from everything that could bring new toxins into your body at least two days before the start of the treatment and this method. Clearly, the ways in which they get into human organisms are various, starting with the air, which we can’t always control, but it’s necessary to make an appropriate basis for what follows. This means avoiding heavy foods, trying to eat properly with large doses of fruits and vegetables, as well as huge amounts of water.

The day before taking the supplement, it’s first required to drink six capsules that precede the consumption of the drink and serve for a kind of preparation of the body. They are taken once in an hour, until you consume them all, and again, with large amounts of water – as much as possible. The benefits of water intake are immeasurable, so this is a significant part of all diets and rules of proper nutrition, but in this case, it’s extremely important.

When the moment comes, the only thing you need to do is shake the contents of the bottle in order for the supplement to get the expected consistency, and then drink it immediately. A somewhat similar procedure should be repeated after 15 minutes when you should fill the bottle with the remains of the liquid with clean, plain water, and the procedure should be repeated. Of course, after this, it’s absolutely desirable to continue with a generous intake of water, which will encourage more frequent urination and contribute to the final release of bad substances on all three levels. Doesn’t sound so difficult, right?

How much does it cost and what else should we know?


The price of the product varies since it’s available on several sales platforms. On Amazon, a bottle of almost 600ml (more precisely, 591 ml) can be found at a price of $28, and for the same price, you can also find it on the official website of the Detoxify brand. It’s $23 on eBay, while on the TestClear platform the price reaches as high as $40. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a couple of tens of dollars for Amazon or eBay in case you want the purchase to be affordable. Some platforms even occasionally offer certain quantity discounts, so you can be guided by that as well.

As for the consumption itself, a well-known rule applies that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not engage in detoxification with this method unless they explicitly have the permission of their doctor. Also, it’s warmly recommended to study the ingredients contained in the supplement and inquire about them, in case it contains certain allergens that can endanger one’s health and cause serious consequences.

Of the reviews found and read, the vast majority testified to the positive impact of the drink on toxin removal and successful ‘work done’. The few negative opinions and experiences we encountered were mostly related to too high a level of toxins or non-compliance with the rules, which implies that in all other cases it’s both useful and effective.

If all things are taken into account, as well as the small number of defects and contraindications that can occur, the conclusion is that there’s basically no special reason not to give this product a chance. After all, everything for health, right? So, if it sounds good, go for it!

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