4 Reasons why WoW is the most Popular MMORPG game of all time

If you are a gamer or if you know someone who plays action video games with passion, you probably know at least something about World Of Warcraft, and you will probably agree that the game has the status of a legend among players. The game is so popular that even after 17 years of existence it does not lose its popularity at all and even acquires new players. There are many factors that have influenced this status over the years, most notably the way the story is conveyed and the challenge each level creates so that gamers can develop their skills and even become part of esports, find a team, to develop individual strategies and of course, to make friends between those with similar interests.

We can say that the players are really committed to the challenges that the game brings. They want to achieve better results, upgrade their characters, use better weapons and take part in important events during the game. It is also interesting how there are services to support and improve strategy and performance, which of course are paid, but allow the player to progress faster than the player himself would do. Of course, you have probably already heard or used such a service yourself, and if not, then take enough time to learn more about this trick that many uses at

You may be wondering where all that popularity, dedication, and opportunity comes from? We would say that even those who are not interested in gaming can say something about World OF Warcraft as one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world. Can you imagine at least 12 million people have played the game at least once in their lives? There is no secret to this popularity, as there are thousands of other games that are at least close to interesting to consumers, but still, we will look at a few reasons that we think are key to World Of Warcraft having this status anywhere in the world.

1. It has the status of a classic

For something to survive on the market for almost 15 years, it means that it has already gained the status of a classic. Normally, there are gamers who do not like the game and that is not something that should worry game creators. However, we can say that even those who think that the interest in WoW is artificial or excessive, certainly have respect for the cult status it has among the players. It’s something like famous singers or actors. You may not like them personally, but they sell out their albums and concerts or fill the theaters. It is the same with this game, and what has been held since 2004 is really respect, admiration, and praise.

2. The starter edition is free

You do not have to invest if you do not want to or are not ready for it. The creators offer up to 20 levels of free play, with no time restrictions, so you can try before you buy. Of course, you will only see the starter edition with the most basic features and challenges, enough to figure out if you want to move on, or WoW is not your cup of tea. In our experience, this version for beginners offers enough content to see what happens and decide for yourself what to do next, without being bound by anything.

3. Independent players can also enjoy it

You do not have to be a gamer to recognize the quality of a game and want to be a part of it yourself. There are many active players who never declare themselves as avid gamers, and who play World of Warcraft every day. For them, it is a way of relaxation and because it gives them a chance to play and not commit to anything, it is really not at all strange that it has the status of a classic and a legend, even among those who do not do it professionally. It can be said that the game is mainstream, but that does not change any of the facts that we have said and listed so far in this text.

4. The creators are committed to its improvement

Blizzard is known for wanting to hear the voice of the most loyal, to review their work so far, and to commit to improving the product they offer. This is one of the reasons why those who play the game will probably never give up. In our opinion, it is a great strategy and a really well-done job, because no one is more important than satisfied customers. Many times you will hear that no matter what platform is played, the game never slows down, there are no obstacles and the whole experience is so smooth that we can really understand why it is difficult for someone to give up something that works so well in practice.


From a technical point of view, the game is not slightly different from its competitors, but by the fact that it is regularly updated, upgraded, and improved, the trust it gains with the consumer is inviolable. What makes it unique is the constant customer support, but also the way it connects people with similar and same interests. Of course, the status of a classic and a legend does its thing.

We have never met anyone who has not heard of World Of Warcraft, even among those who have never sat in front of a computer to play a game.

Of course, you will also hear those who claim that this game is not worth anything and that it is just dragging on the old glory and we can not be angry with them for this attitude.

At the end of the day, WoW has so many active and loyal players that the creators should never worry that the game may lose popularity, nor that there is a hater somewhere in the world.