Worst Heal Classes in Dragonflight Season 1

If you are going to find new adventures in the latest Dragonflight expansions, you definitely need a decent healer. There is no way brave warriors and nimble rogues will do anything without effective restoration. To become a valuable party member, the healer needs to pay attention to various gameplay nuances. Check this article to avoid the most undesirable heal classes WoW Dragonflight has in Season 1. Or prepare yourself for difficulties if your main will appear at the end of the rating.


Below you can see the best-to-worst heal classes to play in Dragonflight.

S-Tier Restoration Druid Preservation Evoker
A-Tier Discipline Priest Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk
B-Tier Restoration Shaman Holy Priest

The worst heal meta Dragonflight is with Restoration Shamans and Holy Priest. They are the most complex specs to handle. It requires great skill to outstand their bad sides and make them as effective as their competitors. Let’s learn more about the positive and negative aspects of B-tier representatives.

Restoration Shaman — a True Normie

The biggest problem about Restoration Shamans is their medium effectiveness compared to other healers like Druid or Paladin. They do not deal a lot of damage and do not restore much health either.

If you want to get Shamans to your healer group, complement them with others to achieve good performance. On their own, they can not deal with spreadable groups. Shaman is also unable to deal damage while healing, so they require additional attention.

Even on the lowest place in Dragonflight heal worst tier list, Restoration Shaman can become a valuable group member. They are a very mobile unit, thanks to the Spiritwalker Grace ability. Remarkable survivability is also one of their strong points. So consider them only if you have decent skill and patience. In that case you will get that maximum performance.

Holy Priest: a Divine Slow One

Despite being a classic archetype of a healer, Holy Priest is a tough spec to master. In Dragonflight, they get improvements to their Words abilities. It is flexible and effective in terms of single-target healing, yet the disadvantages are rather noticeable.

Priests have no mobility or instant cast abilities, so they can be pretty weak in rapid situations. They also have no damage-reduction spells. That is why you can rely only on basic restoration. And such things can be essential when going through a Mythic+ dungeon or long raid.

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Mistweaver Monk

They have been a mid healing class since the launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 1. They are rarely viewed as the worst healers in any given tier, and due to their versatility and unique mechanics, they can be extremely powerful when played correctly.

Mistweaver Monks heal primarily through direct heals while also employing a powerful array of HoTs (Healing Over Time) spells. Their main advantage is their ability to efficiently switch between their two chi generators — Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist. Depending on the situation, they can switch between these two generators quickly to get maximum efficiency out of their mana pool and healing throughput.

The biggest downside of playing this class is that they do not have many burst healing cooldowns, which can make them difficult to play on high movement fights or any fight with short windows of intense incoming damage that needs quick reactions from healers. With no offensive abilities whatsoever, the Monk has no proactive or defensive tools available to them either, which limits some encounter strategies for those playing this class.

Holy Paladin

The Holy Paladin is one of the mid heal classes during the Shadowlands patch of World of Warcraft. In this season, Paladins were the one of the healers that used a shield and had limited healing effects compared to other healers. The Paladin’s primary source of healing came from their ability to generate Holy Power and cast spells such as Word of Glory (HoT) and Flash of Light (Direct Heal). These abilities had long cast times and were easily interrupted, which often caused players to prioritize other healing classes over Paladins. Additionally, the lack of mobility made it difficult for Paladins to keep up with the fast-paced combat.

Despite being considered one of the weakest healers in the game, there were still ways for Holy Paladins to be successful – if they had the right gear and played skillfully. With a balanced mix of damage reduction abilities and direct healing spells, proper Paladin play could help sustain a team in challenging content. However, due to their slow casting time and lack of mobility, Holy Paladins were not often seen as top picks in group composition when looking for healers during this period.

Improve the Skill, Not a Character

Dragonflight heal worst ranking is not a statement you need to follow at all costs. All specs have decent abilities and functions, useful in various situations. In skilled hands, any class has the potential to become an effective unit. Worst heal classes of 2024 lists can be useful when you want to try something new, like specs and gameplay styles. Just don’t forget — there is a skilled gamer after every high-tier hero.


While playing Dragonflight Season 1 on World of Warcraft, it is clear that, out of the classes reviewed, Restoration Shaman and Holy Priest are considered to be the worst healing classes. While these classes can still provide some healing capabilities in certain situations and group compositions, they lack the versatility and efficiency of other healers such as Restoration Druids. Additionally, it is important to note that even though these classes may not excel in raid situations they can still be useful due to their ability to output more single target heals. In conclusion, while these classes may be considered weak compared to others on paper they all have certain key strategies and strategies that will allow them to be successful.

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