Tips For Working With A Temp & Staffing Agency

Businesses that are looking to hire someone to handle projects or hold a full-time position at their office must hire a staffing agency as it increases the chances of finding the right fit for all their job specific requirements. According to sourced, a reliable staffing or temp agency bridges the gap between employers and job seekers and paves a new path for them. As a company, if you’ve never hired a staffer firm before, you’ll need to keep some things in mind.

It’s essential to be aware of and follow the guidelines to develop an effective relationship with a staffing agency. Hiring agencies are employed and paid by businesses to find top talent. That means that a recruiter’s job is not just to find the best talent for their clients but also to find a candidate that works for the long term.

When an employer collaborates with a HR company, it’s crucial to adhere to these 11 guidelines to get the most out of the talent provider you select.

Define The Skills And Opportunities

When you work with a staffing company, you must take the time to determine the qualifications, personality type, goals, and objectives for the job. Define your company’s philosophy and values so the recruiter will know about it and ultimately provide you with the candidate you’re looking for.

Be Aware Of Your Options

Be sure to know all the services offered by the staffing agency and executive recruitment firms. They can provide contracts, contract-to-hire, or direct hire. Many HR companies can hire candidates for a short time if you wish to test them for a short-term contract before making an offer for an extended period.

Check That The Budget Is Approved

There is nothing more frustrating than interviewing and selecting a candidate, and the management says that they cannot pay for the expenses for the hiring firm services.

Be Upfront About Your Budget For The Position

Employers who employ IT-related staffing companies always provide vague information and open-ended numbers for wages and hourly rates. Generally, employers are hesitant about revealing the exact amount they want to pay. However, they shouldn’t.

It’s natural for an employer to believe that an agency should only select candidates who are at the top of the pay scale they provide. However, an effective agency aims to identify the top available candidates. They will not exclude a candidate who isn’t within your budget limit to earn more money.

A common issue is that they find an applicant who needs higher offered pay, and you don’t get the applicant even though you could have given them what they want. Thus, the more details you provide the staffing agency, the better candidates recruiters will present.

Check That The Position Is All Set To Be Filled

It would seem perfect to call the engineering staffing firm and ask them to begin sending you candidates once the position is six months away from starting.

The issue is that the candidates they present to you now won’t be available for hire by the time you’re hiring. It can be a total waste of your and the recruitment agent’s time.

If you want to advance in the job competition, that’s okay. Still, a reputable staffing agency can generally identify suitable candidates within weeks or days, not months, unless it’s tough to fill higher or executive-level positions.

Provide Specific Job Requirements

For instance, don’t inform the staffing agency that “I’m looking for mechanical engineers,” which is way too general.

It’s crucial to provide the firm hiring the staff with all the details and the talent you’d like to include. This step will make it easier when you are filling in the position.

Be Patient When You Are Waiting For Resumes

It may take time to locate candidates, particularly for technical roles requiring high proficiency levels. Establish expectations and a timeframe with the recruiter to allocate the proper recruitment resources to the job.

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Candidate

If a candidate can meet 90% of your desired qualities, then make an offer. Often employers will wait for the perfect candidate who meets all the criteria that never come. In the meantime, they’ve interviewed five candidates who might have been successful but have now left, accepting positions at other firms.

Communicate Quickly And Effectively

While working with IT recruiters, it is crucial to keep conversations open. Provide them with information about the workplace, the benefits package, and what makes your company distinctive. Furthermore, the quicker you can provide an evaluation to the recruiter working with you on the candidates, whether they’re an appropriate fit or a bit off the mark, the more effective they’ll be.

Communication issues are one of the significant reasons a staffing company might move on to different positions where recruiting managers have been more involved and considerate of the time and energy spent by recruiters. If a firm that hires staff for you doesn’t receive feedback from candidates they send in, it isn’t easy to narrow their search and locate the person you’re looking for.

Be Honest And Direct

If you’ve sat down with several candidates and don’t like them for reasons of any kind, you must inform the person you are interviewing to explain the cause. Don’t slack off with the interviewer for days or weeks, leaving them and the candidates wondering.

Honesty is the best way to conduct business while interacting with recruiters. It will not harm their feelings if you believe an applicant isn’t at par with your requirements and tell them that the candidate is not the right fit.

Stay In Contact Even After Hiring Talent

Keeping everyone updated is essential if you’ve hired contractors through a staffing company.

The customer must provide honest feedback promptly and efficiently. Does the contractor seem to be doing well, or is there any issue? If they’re doing great, good. If not, how to rectify the problem?


Whatever you do, you need to be specific about your requirements while working with staffing agencies. Staffing agencies that are good at their job always search for the most qualified employees for your business. As an employer, you need to make clear and direct statements about the job you are offering, your vision for the company, and the kind of talent you’re looking for to fill the position. Follow these steps, and in no time, you’ll hire a long-term pool of talent for your company.

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