How to Know if Your Windows and Doors Are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a major factor that should be considered in every household. Not only you’ll be paying lower bills, but you will be able to maintain a temperature you prefer without the need for constant reheating.

In this article, we’ll talk about ways to check the efficiency of your openings. This will help you find the cause of the costly bills, and see whether it is time for renovation projects in your home. Keep reading and find out more.

Visual analysis

The first thing you can do when it comes to the observation of your opening’s efficiency is to do a visual analysis. Most of the issues can be noticed with this method which saves the advanced inspection methods for later.

Lots of damage can be seen both on the inside and the outside portions of the windows, you just need to know where to look. Take one day of your free time and get into investigating. Look for any damage to the doors and windows, including the glaze and the caulk.

In case you see gaps between the frame and the aperture, this is the main cause of energy inefficiency. In addition, the material that is holding the glass can be damaged from where air can get inside and disrupt the thermodynamics.

Advanced inspection

When the visual analysis brings no result, and when there are no visible damages, it is time to use advanced inspection methods and tests. That way, you can exactly measure the rate of inefficiency and see how much air is leaking in and out of your home.

Direct thermometers

By using direct thermometers, especially the modern laser ones, you can exactly tell whether your openings are leaking.

The device looks like a gun and has a trigger. Point the device somewhere inside your home, and write the temperature value. Then, point the device to the window or the door and write each value.

If the temperature on your openings is either bigger or smaller than the base value of the inside of your home, you have an inefficient door or an inefficient window.


In case you want to inspect the insulating features of your openings, you will have to use a specific device with sensors for this operation. The sensors are placed both on the inside and the outside portion of the opening. Everything gets connected to the program and the temperature values are getting observed.

To get proper information about the insulation features, select a day that is either hotter or colder than the temperature inside. In case you are getting values more than 6 Celsius degrees, your window or door is energetically inefficient.

Use smoke

Sometimes, modern equipment is not essential to test the energetic efficiency of your openings. There is one old but still, accurate test that helps in noticing leakage by using smoke. However, a couple of steps are required to perform this testing method.

First, you want to close every door and every window in your home. Next, you want to make sure that every appliance that produces heat or smoke is turned off. You don’t want to create false results. For the next step, you should activate all exhaust units you have inside your home.

By creating negative pressure inside your home, naturally, the outside air has a bigger tendency to get inside. Because of that, you should get any type of incense or candles and light them up near the frame of the openings.

If you notice that the air is pushed inwards your home, your windows or your doors are energetically inefficient, replacing them should be in immediate consideration.

Benefits of getting new windows and doors

According to, the now modern windows and doors are all focusing on providing efficiency for your home. With that, they come with various ratings of energy saving. Not only are these products efficient, but they also look good which is another reason why should you consider installing them.

Lower costs of energy

Normally, the first benefit is always going to be reduced costs since this is why most homeowners decide to do the renovation project. With that, your air condition units will need less work to achieve ideal temperatures.

This is especially beneficial now when bills are constantly rising. With the simple replacement of your openings, you are making a surely great investment for the future.


Prioritizing comfort in your home is highly important since that is what home resembles most of us. The efficient windows will help provide appropriate temperature inside your home, especially in harsh weather situations. that way, you’ll no longer need to stay away from the window area running away from the cold.

Steam prevention

During the periods when the humidity between your home and outside differs, especially at colder temperatures, you might notice condensation between the window layers.

The new modern and efficient casements are preventing condensation from happening, so you’ll see clear outside no matter the conditions.

Fading prevention

Due to excessive exposure to the sun, lots of your house’s interior parts can fade which ruins their aesthetic value. For that reason, the new efficient windows are made in a way to lower the intensity of the sun getting inside your home, which results in fading prevention.

Improved natural lighting

When replacing windows, you get the chance to get the model you want and achieve proper natural lighting which brings up the value of your home. You’ll feel much better staying inside and your home will surely look livelier. In addition, the efficient windows are not tinted, so you’ll have a clear view.


The new and efficient products are surely better for home improvement. However, you first need to notice whether your old windows and doors are lacking quality and are leaking.

While this might be a costly project for some homeowners, you can save a lot by doing the renovation during the summer. The temperature provides conditions for the perfect installation, and you’ll get yourself prepared for the winter and lots of finances saved on heating.