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Why Your Company Should use Proxy Servers?

If you are just an average Joe, then you probably don’t have a full understanding of the purpose and use of proxy servers. Most people heard about using a proxy for unblocking the US library on Netflix and for increased security of open WiFi networks. In that case, you’ll be surprised to know those proxy servers can be used for much more than that. Especially when it comes to business. Surprised, aren’t we?

When it comes to the core of proxy servers, they are a simple mechanism that serves as a medium between users’ private IP addresses and other servers user tries to reach out. It is important that every proxy server has an IP address on its own that is presented as the main IP address of the PC or laptop you are using it from.

Maybe this doesn’t look like too much of deal, but just remember that by masking your primary IP address with the new one, that is used by proxy, can provide you with a lot of possibilities that could bring you benefits, it doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or a basic proxy user.

These servers can be used for a high number of vital functions that can bring certain benefits to you as a business owner. From security to customer experience. Now, we are going to present you with the most important corporate reasons why should proxies be used for businesses. You should know these even if you aren’t involved in the technological side of these things. Without further ado, let us begin.

Improvement of Institutional and Corporate Security

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As you might presume, there is no company in the world that is not fearing attacks on the internet. Hackers showed us that they do much more with their skills that just hacking into bank accounts. There are some stories that several hackers breached into Pentagon. We don’t know if that’s true, but that doesn’t mean that we should be extra careful with our online accounts. Every data breach can be so costly that could damage the foundation of the company itself. You can’t be too careful with this one.

By using proxy servers, you are going to add an extra layer of security that is going to be located between outside traffic and your server. Simply said, you are going to mask your IP and prevent any possible damage that hacked can inflict you with. The chances of a breach are significantly reduced by using proxy servers, and you should think about it more seriously in the future, as we know that hackers are getting better and better by the minute.

They might have access to your proxy server, but they are not going to reach your personal server where your data is stored. As you might presume, the top hackers can’t be stopped, but you can at least make your data less vulnerable. If you are interested in this topic a little further, you can check proxy-store.

Increased Anonymity

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Even someone who just heard about proxy servers knows that they are best known for their skill to make web traffic more anonymous. Regrettably, there is a lot of business owners that just don’t realize how important that can be for protecting their business data and revenue from hacker attacks. With increased anonymity of proxy servers, you are going to be able to carry out more sensitive tasks more anonymously than ever. There are a lot of people who learned this the hard way and there are some people that have done proper research and concluded that this might be the way to go.

There are large numbers of people like security officers, reports, whistleblowers and other types that use proxies to hide their IP addresses, and by doing that, their true identity. This is done in order to protect themselves, their companies, clients, sources, and partners. Some people use proxies for protecting their researches and development. Even for researching activities of other companies. If there is any potential spy that could harm your business or data, he won’t be able to find the proper IP address if you mask it with a proxy server. Before you try to share any important information with your teammates or employees you should make it more anonymous first.

Balance of the Traffic

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Nothing is more annoying than a website that crashes exactly when you need it. This is something that happens a lot in cases where traffic is not balanced properly. There are several approaches you can use in order to prevent this from happening. You can choose between cloud data storage, peering, and most importantly, proxy servers.

All of these are perfect choices for improving the overall customer experience and lowers the risk of that happening. All of your content and data that is located on your website is stored across the internet. Naturally, you can make your client use different ISPs in order to reach all that content. By using a proxy, you are going to create a new web address that is going to be used as an access point.

Also, it can be used for balancing out the traffic and it can make sure that your website is not going to crash at some point. You should know that this is something that is not going to disturb your customers while they are visiting your website. The conclusion is that you are going to have both protection and better user experience at the same time. Can you ask for more than that from one source? No, you can’t.

The Last Words

As we mentioned in the first part of this article of ours. There are a plethora of benefits that you can get from including proxy servers in your business. We’ve presented you with several things that represent three of them. This doesn’t mean that there no more than these three, but just that they are the most important. Anyway, proxy servers have a future both in the world business and everyday internet use. You should make sure that you make the most of them. The cyber-world is a dangerous place. Protect yourselves.