Top 8 Reasons why your Business Needs Transcription

An accurate text version of any audio/video file is crucial for any business. You can easily use it at any time, share it with other team members, add it to the blog, etc. Unfortunately, not all companies realize the importance of automated transcription services and try to convert video and audio files into text on their own. If you also hesitate, then discover the top reasons why your business needs Transcriberry transcription service.

Fast Turnaround Time

Top transcription services have everything to do their work well and quickly. Experience, tools, and great inspiration allow them to cope with a project as soon as possible. For example, a person with little experience will do the same work longer. If you do not want to wait and need a text version of a certain file immediately, then the transcription company is the best option to choose right at the moment. Professionals catch the idea of audio quickly and render it within a short period.

High-accuracy Result

A secure transcription is not what everybody can boast. Usually, you need to apply a lot of patience to get a great result. After all, this is what most people lack today. As a result, the person may write down wrong phrases or words that will cause problems in the future. Professional human transcribers convert audio and video files regularly. Hence, they will deliver 100% accurate results without any problems. Mind that specialists go through advanced learning and practicing and only then start rendering speech to text online or offline.

Overhead Reduction

Management of some companies does not want to involve third parties in the working process and asks staff to properly transcribe a necessary file. Such an approach is more likely to end up with failure. First of all, the employees can’t do a few things simultaneously. They have to put aside current obligations and devote time to audio transcription. In most cases, employees deliver poor-quality results while sacrificing main tasks. Unlike them, certified transcriptionists know how to provide the outcome that you need, so you can feel calm while entrusting the project to experienced hands.

Save of Time

Did you know that transcribing a 15-minute audio file may take up to an hour if a professional work. Simply put, you may spend a few times more on doing the same. If the record contains background noises, difficult accents, and multiple speakers, then be ready to transcribe the recording for a long time. Professional transcripts will help you save a lot of time and focus on other important tasks. An expert can easily cope with the project of any difficulty, and let you enjoy the result quicker. Professional assistance is important in case you have a file of a very low quality.

If you can’t get any professional assistance, using an AI transcription service can definitely do the job accurately and in less time. Check Streamr for more information.

Save of Money

It goes without saying that hiring the best transcribers requires money and not every company is ready to make such investments. But you should understand that specialized experts use special tools to achieve the best possible results. They cost money, hence if you want to get an accurate result, you have to pay for professional assistance. Otherwise, you risk losing not only time but money as well. It is especially true if you need the transcription of audio/video of high priority that will be used in financial-related issues.  Mind a well-known saying “A miser pays twice”.


Most people are sure that the transcription process means ordinary writing down the audio or video content. However, everything is far from what they may imagine. The whole process is quite difficult. For instance, you need to transcribe a speech of a foreign investor. The chances that you will make mistakes are very high.  The person may use phrases that you have not heard before, hence you simply can’t catch them correctly. Professionals practice the art of transcription before they take the first order. Experience is their strong benefit that you can’t ignore in case you want to get the accurate result in a short period.


Losing a valuable file is a matter of a few seconds. You just press the wrong button and all information is erased. It works the same for video, audio, or text files. In most cases, you will not be able to back the source. That’s why it is important to have a backup. Sometimes, it may act as a real lifesaver. Agree that you never know when you require a definite piece of data again. In the case of ordering the services of professional transcriptionists, you may be sure that the backup is kept for some time, so you can ask for it whenever it’s necessary.

Numerous Options

Professional subtitles and transcriptionists provide a wide range of options to achieve the best possible results. Detailed notes verbatim are only a few of them that will allow you to enjoy a 100% accurate text version of a video or audio content. Together with professionals, you will cope to reach a necessary goal in the most convenient and quick way.

Summing – up

The relevance of transcription in the business can’t be ignored at present. Companies of all sizes and specializations deal with tons of information that should be accurate. While some teams choose professional transcription, others strongly believe that they can do it on their own. Taking into consideration all benefits of dedicated transcription services, it becomes clear that cooperation with them is a good idea. All in all, you get a perfect result at a reasonable price and do not distract employees from their main tasks and obligations.  So, the answer to the question “Does my business need transcription service?” is quite evident now. Make a wise decision not to regret in the long run about waste of time, money, effort, or even reputation.