Why Should College Students Ride Motorcycles?

As a college student, one has to juggle many responsibilities and manage expectations from various different parties at a very young age. In such a stressful situation, not having to worry about a means of commuting is truly a blessing in disguise. It is recommended that any college student who stays a significant distance away from their college and who does not have easy access to public transport should invest in a vehicle.

Motorcycles are a far better option to consider for college students than other vehicles. Some major reasons why college students should consider riding motorcycles as listed below.

Motos are affordable for college students

The primary reason that college students should consider investing in a motorcycle as opposed to a car is that motorcycles are much more affordable than cars. They are more economical and their maintenance costs are also significantly lower. When buying a vehicle, it is important to set such a budget that helps students buy a reliable vehicle without leaving them in a financially vulnerable position.

Let us quickly compare purchasing costs of a car and a motorcycle to get a better idea. Most college students who are buying cars save money and invest in a used Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, or Honda Accord, with an average of 12,000 to 13,000 miles that’s why they can buy it, because they didn’t save money on education and TopEssayWriting helped them with an infinite number of assignments. This will cost about $4500. At the same time, a used motorcycle such as Yamaha FZ6 with 9000 miles on the odometer can be purchased for around $3000 including the cost of safety gear.

Students can save up for a motorcycle by working part-time hours quite easily. Alternatively, saving up for a car can take significantly longer. Not only that, but motorcycles offer better mileage than cars. Hence, the amount of petrol expenditure will reduce. Motorcycles also have lower insurance rates and coverages.

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Maintenance is cheaper and easier

Another advantage of motorcycles over cars is that they have a significantly lower cost of maintenance. Let us break down the costs of maintenance to understand this further.

The most common at-home maintenance procedures in any vehicle are changing the tire, maintenance of brake pads, and changing the oil. Assuming that the average tire costs $100, in a motorcycle the cost of changing all tires would be $200 i.e. half the cost incurred in a car. Motorcycle brakes usually cost between $30 to $50 whereas car breaks cost up to $120.

Another point to consider, the tools used in maintaining motorcycles are more easily available and affordable. Changing the oil, cleaning the chain, and keeping it rust-free are simple procedures that can be done at home. Hence, it is said that motorcycle maintenance is easier and cheaper than car maintenance.

Commute time via bikes is lesser

Another fairly obvious advantage of riding a motorcycle over a car is the short commute time a two-wheeler has. Students might not realize this on the get-go, but saving even 25-30% of travel time can pay off in big ways for them.

Time is the most essential thing in a student’s life, as already they are expected to juggle between their classes, assignments, extracurricular activities, and their personal lives. There are many ways in which students can manage their time better. A quick Google search can help find the best online writing services for students – Top Essay Writing that they can use to write essays. And if students buy a motorcycle, they can save time on travel. For students living on their own, they can meal prep over the weekend to save time during the week. In these ways, they can manage their time more effectively.

Parking hassles can be avoided

The ease of finding parking spaces is an advantage that is often overlooked by college students. Motorcycles are sleek in design and occupy less space. Most colleges and other public spaces as well account for more parking portions for motorcycles than for cars. Students can park right next to their destination and walk less. Even in their place of accommodation, landlords are more likely to allocate spaces for motorcycles than for cars.

Concluding Words

In conclusion, there are many reasons why motorcycles are a good transportation option for college students. They have many advantages such as being affordable, easy to maintain, and faster to commute with. However, it also bodes well for a student to consider some of the cons of riding a bike, especially from safety and weather constraints points of view. At the end of the day, a student should only make a decision that they are comfortable with, to suit their needs and wishes. Motorbikes are able to be used on and off the road which means that they will be helpful based on the campus you attend. A moto is likely to be beneficial, but the rules of your college could play an influence on whether or not you are able to buy one. So, it’s recommended to get in touch with the appropriate authorities to find out what regulations regarding motorcycles are at your college.

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