Why Private Travel Blogs Are So Awesome?

Privately owned travel blogs are one of the best resources out there for getting the much-needed information about traveling to a specific place in the world. Currently, there are more than 60 million travel blogs, both run professionally and privately. There are many reasons as to why you should prefer to use information from a private travel blog, instead of a company run, and there are many reasons as to why they are so awesome in what they do.

In this article, we are going to explain to you what makes them so awesome.

1. They Are Very Specific

Whenever someone is planning a trip to another country, the first place to start is to read about someone’s past experience. This is exactly what travel blogs offer. It’s the purpose of a private travel blog to try and cover all bases of the trip. In fact, the awesome thing about these blogs is that they will niche down as much information as possible; the more specific the better. Since they are competing against 60 million other websites, they need to try and cover as much as they can to please as many people with that information as they can. So whenever you’re planning your next trip overseas, try to get information from a privately run travel blog such as

2. Unbiased Opinions

The second awesome thing about these blogs is that they are independent, meaning they don’t have to write favorable things about specific places or hotel accommodations. Some do it as a hobby, and some do it to make a living out of it. The elitist of the elite certainly doesn’t have to accept the free trips in exchange for an article to influence people. Although they can, private travel blogs have usually an unbiased opinion on all the places they travel. However, if they do it, they need to clear it on their website if they are to comply with FTC regulations.

3. Up-To-Date Information

Regardless of how the blog is run, the biggest challenge facing these owners is to keep their articles up to date with the current dealings and goings in the industry. Since they give out information about flight prices, hotel prices, places to go when visiting X country, the information must be up to date. Every guide book you read online must be double-checked before you go on your trip. I can remember about a sacred tree in Malta that was actually moved to another place. This tree was pointed out in an article I read, and I can imagine people would have difficulties finding the tree since the information wasn’t up to date.

4. You Can Contact Them

And probably my favorite reason as to what makes private travel blogs so awesome is the fact that they want to talk to you about your concerns and questions. This is pretty unique when it comes to travel blogs, and pretty classy in my opinion. Most of these blogs usually have a space designated for comments on their websites. Most of these bloggers want to engage with their audience, answer their questions, and sometimes even give advice on topics they haven’t covered. So don’t hesitate on following these travel blogs for future travel purposes.