Why Kate Middleton Will Never Become a Queen

SHE WILL NOT BE QUEEN – It is assumed that when Prince William becomes King, Kate Middleton will automatically be named Queen, but this is actually not the case…

She will get the title of Queen consort. As the wife of a reigning monarch, Kate will become what’s known as the Queen consort rather than a Queen, for this reason.…..

Queen Charlotte


Kate wasn’t born into the family but married into it, and only women born into the royal family such as Charlotte will be ever able to be called a Queen.

Queen Elizabeth was the Queen consort of King George VI until his death, after which she was known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Life of the Queen

Imagine having never been grocery shopping or to school?! Well, these are a few of the everyday things the Queen has NEVER done…

The Queen’s staff sort out her food shop, but last year the Queen visited a Sainsbury’s store and even learned how to use the self-checkout!

When it comes to her dating life, she met Prince Philip at the age of 13, and the pair married when she was just 21 – why isn’t it this easy for us to meet our Prince Charming?!

Legally, the Queen is allowed to vote, but according to Buckingham Palace protocol, the Queen must remain neutral on political matters.

The Queen has been educated, but has never been taught in a classroom as herself and her sister were tutored privately.

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