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Why is web design one of the most important parts of your business? 


Why is having a website so important?

Online presence is crucial for every business today. As we depend a lot on technology, it’s reasonable that businesses will use that in their advantage. However, simply creating a website isn’t even close to being enough. You need to see your website as one of your most important assets and treat it that way. The majority of people will turn to search engines in order to find information, service, or a certain product. That’s why you want to be there when they look. That leads us to web design.

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The role of web design

It’s kind of obvious that if you need a website, you also need it to be good. A poorly created website will not only discourage people from using it, but they will remember that bad experience and start avoiding your website at all costs. It’s not so rare for me to stumble upon a website so poorly made that it makes me a bit angry.

The relevance of proper marketing and web design is also explained well by Martha’s Vineyard Website Design company. So, here’s how to avoid making the same mistakes many websites are making today, and create something people will enjoy visiting.

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The first and most important rule is for your website to be made in such a way that will enable people to quickly and easily reach what they were looking for as stated by Quickly and easily are the keywords here. In order to see the importance of this, just take a quick look at your own online habits. How much time do you spend on each page? How long does it take you to give up your search? The answer to both of those questions is – not long. That’s why you need to make it instantly clear to your visitors what it is they can find on your website. And then make their search as easy as possible. There are several things to keep in mind when doing that:

Keep the landing page clean and not overwhelming

Too many pictures, colors, or text will distract the user and they won’t be able to navigate through the website. You want to make it clear what it is you’re offering and lead the user through the process of reaching the information they’re searching for. The experts at Amity Website Design LLC suggest that the call to action button needs to be visible and appealing enough, but yet again, not too large to “force” the potential clients.

Don’t have too many pages

Too many options will confuse the user and will not keep their attention. That will lead them to give up and search for the info elsewhere. Navigation needs to be intuitive meaning that both, digital natives and those that aren’t typically using the Internet, need to be able to navigate through the website easily.

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Content is really important for every website

If your content is relevant, interesting, and offers useful information, users will keep coming back. Better content leads to more visitors. It’s that simple. On the other hand, search engines such as Google have a good way of differentiating relevant from irrelevant content meaning that websites that have good content and offer good user experience will be higher on the list of search results. Ending up on the first page of search results will drive more traffic to your website and your conversion rate will increase as a result.

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