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Why Is Instagram So Popular?

When we want to talk about the most popular social media in the world of today, we surely need to say Instagram. According to recently conducted researches, it is the social media which is giving the most popular to its users, and its users are giving it much popularity by using it rather than other social media.

Many elements that were invented by Instagram became a part of our everyday life. For example, hashtag, a word you can find in many conversations if you just listen closely. The key for its popularity is its sharing and liking images, but this is just a surface, there is much more to that.

Let us give you a few examples of why Instagram is so popular, and a simple statistic that is representing popularity in one country.

User-Friendly Platform

Let us be blunt, Instagram is the most user-friendly platform of today. Its interface is attractive, easy to interpret, and interactive. And let us be honest, when you are faced with a bad user interface, you are going to value a good one much more, and Instagram is the perfect example.

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Making Simple Images Beautiful

When we are talking about Instagram, it is hard to not talk about filters. They became a highlight of this platform. The user has all the freedom in his creativity and sharing it to its friends and the world. These filters can turn your picture from amateur to a pro.

Making Human Desires True

Psychologists stated that a part of human nature is needed for attention. People like to get some attention for a job they have done. Instagram is offering just that. Taking a picture of your new hairstyle or some meal you are enjoying is just that.

The Marketplace of the New Generation

Instagram definitely became a marketplace. On the platform itself, you can find many online stores and catalogs consisting of products. Using special hashtags can be crucial here. By making the unique one, you can reach out to a target audience, and get more Instagram followers, future customers.

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Popularity Platform

Since it is used by countless people around the world, Instagram is the perfect place to gain some popularity. And some people are doing just that. Plus, the making the picture stand out by giving it a special hashtag, and the platform itself is offering the possibility of sharing more than just a picture, like writings, designing’s, stylists, bloggers, etc.

Before we start talking about statistics, click for more info in Turkish.

Instagram in Turkey

According to statistics, Instagram in Turkey is used more by men than women. 59% of men and 41% of women. Also, it is pretty interesting that 80% of them are in the age range 18-44. And the population older than 55+ years is only 4%. We need to have in mind that Turkey is still a country that has one of the lowest percentages of home internet access in Europe.

However, Turkey is showing signs of becoming a serious powerhouse in the future. Introduction of new technologies like 4.5G meant more access to social media, including Instagram. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in Turkey, but Instagram and Twitter are becoming much more popular these days.