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Why Is Cremation Jewelry Becoming So Popular

Facing a loss of a family member, your friend or even your pet is one of the hardest things in everyone’s life, and it takes time to heal the wounds. Taking this into consideration, we all search for ways to keep our memory of them and thus always feel their presence around. Now, if the wish of your loved one was to be buried then visiting the grave place few times a month is something that will mean to you, but on the other hand, if your loved one was cremated then you have the option to keep the ashes and always have their presence around you.

Although a traditional way of keeping the ashes is in a cremation vase, nowadays a thing called cremation jewelry has become quite popular. People are interested in the idea of being able to carry someone’s remains close to the heart, in the form of beautiful and high-quality jewelry. Taking this in consideration there are a lot of online manufactures offering you a different type of cremation jewelry – and most you can even customize up to your needs (engravings, etc.).

Let’s take a look at what the cremation jewelry is all about, and what are your options!

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The Benefits Of Wearing Cremation Jewelry

  1. First of all, you could ask for basically any kind of jewelry (a ring, a pooch, a necklace) and if you already have a family jewelry piece, it can be redesigned into a cremation one and thus carry even more significance. Taking into consideration that this jewelry piece might be given from one generation to another the ability to add sentimental value to it is a huge benefit.
  2. Along with that, the design of cremation jewelry just beats everything else – the handcrafting experts have outdone themselves, and now the cremation jewelry pieces are some of the most beautiful out there! You are the one to decide how and what would you like.
  3. Most of the cremation jewelry is made to last, with materials such as quality glass, marble, gold, and silver are among the common ones. Some people even ask for gemstones to be added, and that can be done without an issue.
  4. The Presence. The fact that the remains of your loved one will be right next to your heart really means a lot to people, and as it is in the form of beautiful jewelry you won’t have a problem carrying it even to the formal and celebration events!
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Where To Buy Cremation Jewelry

Though there may be jewelry shops offering cremation jewelry in your area our suggestion is to visit some of the online ones and make your offer. Among all – seems one of the best, and that for a few reasons. First of all, the expert making all your jewelry has 20 years of experience in the industry of glass jewelry using the high-quality borosilicate glass to make it. He creates beautiful glass pendants and marble necklace spirals that will catch an eye of any beholder. You can choose out of the already offered products that feature custom designs with forest, ruby, cobalt teardrops or beautiful paw prints in case your pet has passed away. And the marble spirals are beautiful as well – to store or carry as a cremation necklace. In case you are not satisfied with the given product this company will offer you a full refund or exchange the product, leaving both sides happy. Check it out to fall in love with one of the pieces!


At the end it is your choice – some like the idea of cremation jewelry and some think it doesn’t have a point. Still, in case you decide to go for some of the beautiful jewelry pieces the above-mentioned shop is there to make you feel comfy and fulfill all your needs!

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