Why Go Solar? Find Out Here!

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source that humanity can currently access. Even more importantly, it drops from the sky for free.

Those two factors alone might help explain why even China is pursuing solar energy. As a matter of national interests and energy independence, it’s obvious why governments might care about solar.

An individual might rightly ask, “Why go solar? Are there good reasons why I should?”

Keep reading and we’ll explain why you should, indeed, go solar. 

Why Go Solar? The Environment

source: theconversation.com

The mounting environmental toll of fossil fuels is common knowledge. Just some of the environmental costs include:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Degraded land from mining
  • Wildlife death from oil spills

While the equipment that captures and converts solar energy into electricity also carries a carbon footprint, it’s minor in comparison to fossil fuels.

Reduced Human Costs

source: nrdc.org

The extraction of fossil fuels through drilling and mining also take a human cost. Coal miners often develop black lung and other chronic health conditions.

The air pollution from burning fossil fuels, such as nitrogen oxides, can lead to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Burning fossil fuels can also increase mercury in the air.

As that mercury passes through the food chain, it can result in neurological problems for babies. Going solar is a small step on the way to eliminating these human costs. It helps in two ways.

First, it helps normalize solar power in the broader culture. That makes it more acceptable and likely to receive governmental support. It also reduces your contribution to the demand for fossil fuels.

Support Local Businesses

source: solarenergyxpert.com

Most solar installation companies are small, local businesses. Going solar is one way you can help support the local business economy. As massive chain stores drive other kinds of small businesses out, solar companies help keep business local.  

You’ll want the best solar company in your area. A quick look at the online reviews should help you narrow down the options.

You should consider what services each company offers and whether they offer ongoing maintenance. Solar systems generally hold up well against weather, but they do connect with your electrical system and the local grid. In many locations, you need a licensed electrician for any major electrical work.

Parting Thoughts

source: phys.org

There are several answers to the question, “Why go solar?”

You can do it for the environment. You can do it to reduce the human costs of using fossil fuels. You might even go solar as a way of supporting your local economy

In the end, though, going solar is nothing more than getting ahead of the curve. Our current energy solutions can’t sustain us indefinitely. Solar power offers the best long-term solution for the world’s energy needs. Visit here to learn more about solar energy plans and how they can benefit you.

As solar technology continues advancing, it’ll move beyond panels. Check out our article on the first solar yacht to see an early example of where solar will go.