Why Get PSM Certified If You Know How To Do Your Job?

A certification program is usually pursued by people who want to learn a new skill or want to cover up for the lack of experience. For this, they seek the highly sought-after credentials that will impress the recruiters and make them stand apart from the thousand other job seekers. One such certification is the Professional Scrum Master (PSM). It has gained momentum in several organizations all across the globe. During the certification training, you will learn about the concepts and practices of Scrum. However, if you already know this, do you really need the certification?

Professional Scrum Master, commonly known as PSM is a certification for any professional who is either working in or wants to work in an Agile environment. The certification training will help them in finding solutions for all their process problems. It validates your knowledge and expertise in the Scrum. All the candidates going for this certification are required to attend the training and then clear the online test.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why you should get PSM certified even if you know how to do your job:

1. It helps verify your skills

This is the most obvious advantage of getting the PSM certification. When you want to showcase your knowledge and skills to your current or potential employers, the certification can resolve the verification issue. Also, there are several companies that use the certification for filtering out the candidates. This is because companies know that PSM-certified professionals will have a deep understanding of the framework and know what being a Scrum Master entails.

2. It is among the most sought-after certifications in the IT sector

Professional Scrum Master is one of the most popular credentials in 2020 that comes with financial benefits. Scrum Masters are among the highest-paid professionals in the USA. With the certification, you will be able to enjoy these benefits.

3.  Certified Scrum Masters are known for delivering top-notch products to the clients

In a survey conducted by the State of Scrum 2017-18, 71% of the executives agreed that their highest priority was delivering value to their clients. And companies used Scrum for this. Also, the survey mentioned that about 85% of respondents who implemented Scrum had an improved quality of life. The following statistics should give you a reason to get Scrum certified:

  • 55% of the projects in companies are Scrum projects.
  • 75% of the respondents recommend Scrum to their colleagues.
  • 97% will continue using Scrum in the future.

So, it is safe to assume that Scrum is here to stay. With the certification, you will be solidifying your knowledge of the concepts and securing your future.

4. You will stay relevant in the industry

If you want to become marketable, you have to stand apart from your colleagues. A certification can help you do just that. It shows to the recruiters that you have an agile mindset and knowledge. Companies want to hire people who are committed to learn new things and unlearn old things. When you have the KnowledgeHut PSM certification, it shows your commitment to initiatives for continuous learning. Having such a personality trait will be appreciated by your employers. Also, companies are more likely to hire a person for a Scrum project who has a certification.

5. Join a community

As a PSM-certified professional, you will be able to join a community of Scrum experts who are dedicated to adopting best practices for continuous improvement. You will be able to network with professionals just like you from all across the globe. As a member of the Scrum Community, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and great guidance.

6. Fill the gaps in your knowledge

Yes, hands-on experience is the best way of learning things. But, sometimes you need to dive into the theory to get a better understanding of the concept. The same goes with the Scrum framework. Even if you work on multiple projects, you cannot say with confidence that you know everything there is to know about Scrum. This will change once you have the PSM certification through

7. Assist in getting new projects

When there are more PSM-certified professionals in the company, they are more likely to acquire new projects. A potential client will be comfortable giving the projects to a company with a Scrum team as they are known for delivering quality products and value to the clients. This is because, as a Professional Scrum Master, you are required to maintain transparency in the project. This way, team members are able to identify issues early. Face-to-face communication reduces the miscommunication and helps the team in delivering the product on schedule. It reduces the risk of failure.

8. Improvement in ROI

As mentioned in the last point, Scrum reduces the risk of failure, which increases the Return on Investment or ROI for the stakeholders. Also, when you are a certified professional, you will be able to ensure accurate project deliverables to the stakeholders through regular feedback sessions. It also saves money and time as corrections are made at an initial stage of the project.

PSM certification is offered in three levels – I, II, and III. With this certification in your hand, a lot of doors with rewarding career paths will open for you. For any company, their most desired expectation from their employees in meeting the goals of the company. The certification will help you achieve the same. With all the benefits mentioned above, you must now understand how important PSM certification is, even if you already know how to do your job. Apart from this, you also have to select the right accredited training organization for getting the training. They should have a reputation of providing top-notch training to the professionals who want to get certified in the Scrum framework.