Why Doing Research is Very Important For Students

Socrates teaches us that “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” The illusion of knowledge is the true enemy of knowledge. Agree or not, the point is that we can always learn more. Next is to understand what we know. That will divide us from people Einstein called fools. We don’t want to be the student Howard Nemerov addressed when saying, “Write what you know. That should leave you with a lot of free time.”

Enough quotes. You probably have the assignment to write. But you got the point: Without having done some research, quoting would have been impossible. If you need help with writing your papers or dissertation asap, you may get it somewhere on the Internet, for example, from Edusson professionals. And what about stimulating you to dive into the exciting activity that’s called researching? If it proves impossible to convince you that doing is interesting for students, then we will go for your option.

Knowledge is power. The power to do good. Once you have some knowledge, you will be thirsty for more mystery.

About Knowledge


Knowledge is collecting objective insights. It derives from findings that are processed by our amazing brain. It can be done by reading books and articles (can be online), attending lectures by educators and experts. Media as television and radio are a source of information too if you are a bit old-fashioned. You can do your own experiments. Learn from people around you. There are many ways besides sticking your nose into dusty books. As long as you don’t mind checking the accuracy of your “intel”, you are doing great.

Reasons with examples, why research on different subjects is exciting


When asking students what drives them, their replies are diverse. Some talk about the joy of discovery and creation through research. Others aim at contributing to a bigger cause. For many, researching is an adventure. Often students want to make an impact with contributions of value. Performing research may be a door opener for entering graduate programs. It may get your work published. You can become a teacher. It might get you a fellowship, help you in finding a mentor, or obtain letters of recommendation. Some skills are one of the transferable skills employers seek.

Let’s list some more thrills and benefits of doing research:

– Knowing how to do it. The methodology is already good for half of the fun. You have to be some kind of Sherlock Holmes, investigating facts and clues thoroughly. It is exploring the unknown.

– Research is important. It has improved the lives of people worldwide. Think about what Cancer research did for humanity. About medications and treatments helped millions of people. Being a researcher can mean making the world a better place.

– Benefits society and its members. New products or services that make life more comfortable and agreeable wouldn’t exist without doing research first. Another good example is Psychology. Threatening patients and raising awareness may achieve happiness. By examining healthy people, it can help the less fortunate. New theories applied to school psychology can treat learning problems and changes behavior for the better.

– Don’t overlook its economic importance. It benefits a business. Many companies invest in development. Conducting research is essential for innovating products and improved services.

– Research opens up career paths. All knowledge is based on research. Science, technology, etcetera. All great accomplishments are the results of the hard work of researchers.

For students that want to do their own thinking


Surely you feel stimulated to come up with more exciting benefits. Organizing quiz nights are fun. You will need all your smarts on those nights for sure.

Your insight into a variety of issues will open up your awareness of what’s going on around you. New and exciting opportunities will arise. Your exercised and intellectual stimulated mind is capable of facing any challenge.

College or university, it doesn’t matter where you get your knowledge. Your knack for research may already start long before you enroll. And it will accompany you for the rest of your life, once bitten by the microbe.

Life is an adventure. Everybody is an Indiana Jones. But Dr. Jones did his research before embarking on his journeys. He is both an action hero and a stuffy professor. Many other role models are now only famous because of their groundbreaking research. Think of Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton. Writers as Paul Auster, Robert Asprin, and Mark Twain couldn’t create their novels without research. Fiction, non-fiction, science, sociology, … owe a great deal to groundwork.

Children have a natural curiosity about everything. Our environment doesn’t necessarily stimulate this enough. But we can appreciate analytical thinking and new abilities ourselves. If we reach full maturity with our curiosity intact, the joy of discovery will lead us to success. Our years of priceless education, and putting in the hours will ultimately enrichen us. A successful academic career, followed by an exciting professional life…who wouldn’t sign up for that?