Why did Paul Walker’s Daughter Stop Talking With her Family?

Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Rain Walker is 21 years old now. But she doesn’t talk with her uncles. Neither she talks with her grandmother. She has excluded everyone else from the family and has no contacts with them. She has distanced herself from Paul’s whole family circle. But why has she made such a decision?

Her grandmother has recently revealed it… Just before the sad incident happened, Meadow had talked to her mother to move to California to be with her father. She had just started living with Paul at that time. Meadow lived most of her life with her mother, but she really found the best connection with her father, Paul.

“So it was really horrible for her to have to go through that. “Meadow was only 14 at that time. She had just told her mother that she wanted to spend more time with her father. Her mother had forbidden it for a long time. But Meadow had finally convinced her. Paul was very busy shooting movies. He was so involved in his career that he hardly gave time to his daughter.

But when Meadow came to California and started to live with Paul, he had a change of hearts. Paul received her daughter with open arms. He became her best friend. He wanted to give more time to his daughter. He even expressed to his mother that he wanted to retire to give his daughter more time. “Meadow is living with me, and I want to retire, mom.”


Cody Walker, Paul’s brother, was also aware of it. He even wanted her daughter to go to the same high school their mother went to. Everything was planned… Meadow had dreamt of this beautiful future for a long time…But everything had fallen apart so fast.

Her grandmother wanted her custody after that. But Meadow was still figuring out what to do since her best friend was gone. She decided to follow her father’s footsteps. She has also started a career in acting. While she has no contact with the rest of the family, who still waits for her with open arms, she is continuing the foundation her father had started. “Paul Walker Foundation “The foundation looks to help poor and helpless people around the world!

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