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Why could the last, 8 season of Game of Thrones be the worst one in the series?

Game of Thrones is currently showing its 8th and final season, however, it looks like that it will not at all live up-to-the huge expectations of its wide and diverse audience. Game of Thrones has been regarded as one of the best TV shows of its generation for years, but the last season could leave the fans very disappointed. This season has already had many problems that every fan could relate to, and anyone who invested hours of their life over the past 10 years has every right to criticize it because of its standards.

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Cinematic Errors

The final season gained a lot of controversies because the show is darker, and we do not mean the plot, but the dark cinematic presentation. The 3rd episode called Battle of Winterfell too dark, as even the best full HD screens were worthless against this. Therefore, this might be one of the biggest cinematic error in history, especially because this was supposed to be the best episode in the show. Now, it is the second worst rated episode of the show.


Game of Thrones plot is quite complex, and a ton of characters makes it even more confusing. If you miss a part of a dialogue, you could be in trouble later. However, the story of this season is not nearly up-to-the established mark of the high Game of Thrones standards. The mighty villain of Night King came to an unexpected and disappointing end after 7 seasons of preparing his grand plan. It all seemed rushed and out of place.

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Unexpected Ending

The crew and cast of the show have already confessed that an unexpected ending should be expected. Therefore, there is another reason for the fans to be annoyed and disappointed. Most of the fans want Jon Snow to sit on Iron Throne, but nobody can be certain when this show is concerned. The 5th and second to last episode of the final season premiers this Sunday on HBO.