Who Would Win Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder II?

We caught up with Derek Candelore to discuss…

On the eve of the first fight between Fury and Wilder I spoke with Derek Candelore and asked him for his prediction for the fight. He said that Fury would outbox Wilder for most of the fight but a late knockdown could cause the fight to being scored a draw…

I became a fan by watching videos of Derek Candelore Boxing on the Internet and connected with him through his website For those that don’t know, Derek’s prediction of the fight was almost exactly how it played out. Many had the fight for Fury, others had it for Wilder… Wilder had not only one, but two vicious knockdowns. Fury outboxed Wilder so badly at times, he made him look robotic, stiff and amateurish.

The rematch date hasn’t been announced yet. Some say it might not even happen. That it would be too much of a risk for Wilder to revisit this challenge right now.  We had the opportunity to catch up with Derek Candelore to see if he thinks the rematch will happen and what the result would be.

Derek said “Heavyweight boxing is alive and well. Fury Wilder 2 will be bigger (in terms of PPV and ticket sales) than the first one and will likely play out the same way. It better happen, we all want to see it”. “But I’m not sure it will happen in their next fights. I think Tyson is going to go home and fight before returning to the US to fight Wilder again”.

“They both might get a tune-up to stay active and build more anticipation”. Candelore predicted.  “When they do fight again, I believe Tyson will get the victory this time. He’s shown that he can take Wilders best punches and get back up. He’s [Fury] is only going to get sharper the more fights into his comeback. Taking nothing away from Wilder, he’s a Master of being mentally strong with a steel chin and a bazooka right hand, even late in the fight”.

“If Tyson takes notice, which he will, both knockdowns came with Wilder walking forward, throwing a 1, 2, 3 combo with Fury was dropping to a crouch defensive position. Both appeared to have landed behind the ear. If Tyson Fury can correct that defensive error with movement, clutching or even just staying upright and sliding back, he’ll win the fight”. Candelore said.  It’s doing to be exciting, and if it’s another draw, then boxing fans won’t buy the third fight they way they did the first two”.

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t play out like GGG Canelo”.

Thanks to Derek Candelore for taking the time to this interview!

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