Who Needs Money? Not Pamela Anderson! The Actress Became a Landlord!

Pamela Anderson is one of the actresses who keep the tradition of treating marriage like an overlong hangover. She was married to producer Jon Peters for only 12 days! Even though it seemed like the initial split was amicable, it turned out they haven’t left things in good terms. Peters said that she was $200,000 in debt and that he took it upon himself to pay off. However, Anderson claimed it is entirely false, saying: “I own a $10-million dollar house in Malibu Colony that has been rented for almost two years now and for the next three to five years for $40,000 month.”

Also, she says that that rent, along with her “other work,” covers all her expenses and that she puts all her money in property. That is a concept that Peters allegedly does not understand. “He still looked at me, like, that naive little girl sitting at the bar,” Pamela added.

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