Where to Buy Nitrile Gloves in Canada

Gloves are a type of personal protective equipment that establish a barrier between the wearer’s hands and potential contaminants such as germs, chemicals, oils, or colors.

Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable gloves made from a synthetic copolymer. They are first processed in rubber form, after which they are transformed into latex rubber and finally reprocessed into nitrile. The end result is a hand protection tool that is durable, latex-free, and resilient.

When nitrile first came into the scene, the complex manufacturing process made nitrile gloves more expensive than gloves made out of other sorts of material such as latex and vinyl. But since then, technological advancements in production has made them more affordable.

What Are Nitrile Gloves Used For?

Nitrile is an effective glove-manufacturing material. It does not give the wearer an allergic reaction, unlike latex gloves since a considerable number of people are allergic to latex. It is also oilproof, greaseproof, and most importantly, chemically resistant.

They are, therefore, able to resist degradation by most chemicals and substances, making it perfect for trade-based jobs that involve corrosive chemicals. It is also a very strong material and puncture-resistant.

They are used across a wide variety of industries. In the medical field, nitrile gloves are used by healthcare workers as the first layer of defense against potential contamination when tending to patients.

Nitrile gloves are also used by motor engineers and mechanics looking to limit how much oil they come in contact with. They are also used by hairdressers and tattoo artists who work with hazardous chemicals and hair products. People who work as cleaners also use nitrile gloves as their work involves them coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Can Nitrile Gloves Provide Protection From COVID-19

Sometimes, medical-grade PPEs are the only effective solution to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Medical-grade gloves of all materials are meant to minimize the risk of the wearer coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or people. In the case of COVID-19, medical practitioners benefit immensely from medical nitrile gloves as their work is of such a high-risk nature.

As they interact with patients and medical equipment, they are likely to come into contact with contaminated surfaces or infected droplets exhaled by the patient. With nitrile gloves Canada, however, the wearer will be protected against such risks. Apart from the medical field, people working in other industries also protect themselves from likely infection by wearing nitrile gloves.

For instance, workers involved in cleaning work or housekeeping constantly come into contact with surfaces and objects that may be contaminated. This is especially if they clean up areas with high human traffic such as serving areas, counters, cashiers, faucets, or washrooms.

Where To Buy Nitrile Gloves in Canada

Here is a list of a few stores from where you can buy both industrial and medical grade nitrile gloves.


72hours survival is based in Vancouver, Canada. The company ranks high among Canada’s leading providers of safety supplies as well as emergency preparedness kits at very convenient costs. The online store has brands such as Maxill, Microflex, Medicom, and Dr. Oh all going for different prices. Click here to get your own nitrile gloves.


TO-Medicare is a Toronto-based distributor that specializes in the import and export of safety gear as well as healthcare PPE. They are well known for their ability to source medical supplies beyond Canadian borders.

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada is a popular retail store. It is an easy, convenient, and immediate source of nearly all day-to-day essentials, nitrile gloves included).

serves as an immediate source of nitrile gloves. Here, customers can find a wide range of nitrile gloves to suit a myriad of types, colors, sizes, and prices. The advantage of using Walmart Canada is its online store where people could shop from the site and have their gloves delivered to them at the comfort of their home.

Amazon Canada

Is it even a shopping guide without including perhaps the biggest e-commerce platform in the world? Amazon is the most dominant online store globally and in 2020, it surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer.

It is, therefore, a must-visit even when shopping for something as simple as nitrile gloves. With its wide selection of products available, you are guaranteed to find various kinds of nitrile gloves at friendly prices too. As a plus, Amazon usually has offers such as free shipping and discounts on select items.


eBay is yet another popular online store known for its amazing selection of products on offer and at good prices. As for nitrile gloves, you can find the product you’re looking for by simply browsing from the online store’s broad catalog or searching for a particular brand through the site’s search engine.

You can also choose to buy the product immediately by paying full price for it or engage yourself in the thrill of participating in a bidding war with the aim of getting the best price for your intended product. is a leading Canadian online store for cosmetic, health, and skincare products. As such, they sell nitrile gloves for beauticians and makeup artists to use in preventing themselves from getting messy as they go about applying cosmetics.

Moreover, they offer discounts for referrals and free delivery for orders above $35. It’s worth pointing out that the site has a 60-day return policy on certain products. This can give customers peace of mind knowing they can claim for compensation after buying from the company.


At Staples, customers can access many different options of heavy-duty nitrile gloves for both commercial and personal use. With every purchase, customers earn air miles and after signing up for a newsletter, they can save $10 off their next purchase as long as they spend more than $100.

Be it you’re buying nitrile gloves for residential or commercial purposes, it is critical that you maintain a high level of safety and health. Keeping your hands safe from contamination or damage should carry the highest priority.

Any of the stores highlighted above have different brands of nitrile gloves that you can choose from. Try and explore both physical and online stores so you can make a well-informed decision.

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