What’s inside Dwayne’s ’’The Rock’’ Johnson gym bag?

Dwayne ’’The Rock’’ Johnson is one of the most popular actors and fit celebrities at the moment in Hollywood. This ex-wrestler has an everyday gym routine, and you would think that his gym bag is full of workout aids, but the truth is surprisingly different.

The Jumanji star, a 47-year-old actor, every day goes to the Iron Paradise, a gym facility with the best exercise equipment, in his Virginia home. He is taking with him his Project Rock 90 bag, which is part of his Project Rock line with Under Armor.

Inside his bag, he is caring for his top-selling wireless headphones to listen to his favorite music while exercising.

One more interesting thing he has in his gym bag is the Maui doll, the character he played in the movie Moana. This special doll is the gift from his youngest daughters, Jasmine and Tiana Gia. There is also a romantic love note, a beautiful gesture from his wife, Lauren Hashian.

There is no secret that Dwayne takes a tequila ahead of his workouts, even in his Instagram bio is written ’’Mana. Gratitude. Tequila.’’, so we guess there is probably a tequila bottle in his training bag.

He also carries in his gym bag a magic eight ball, a figurine of himself, and a ’’lion dogs’’ for a post-workout snack.

’’They look like hot dogs, but they are called ’lion dogs’ and they are made from the intestines and the blood from lions,’’ Johnson said.

So, if you think that Dwayne Johnson takes the protein powder in the gym bag, you were wrong.