What Tools Promote Internal Team Communication?

Many managers, business owners, and team leads have faced with situations when they do not know what their subordinates are working on and how to plan team resources in the most effective way. Such problems are usually associated with internal communication in the company and seriously affect the efficiency of all business processes. So how to establish smooth and transparent communication in a team? What tools can be used for this purpose? And why is a single information space so important for a successful and efficient organization?

Team Communication: Why Is It so Important?

Internal communication in the company significantly influences team performance and overall company well-being. Taking into account the importance of the communication processes, many organizations hire individual information security specialists. They are also constantly searching for effective tools, such as Standuply, to use as their single communication channels. What does this give to business owners and people managers?

Open dialog in a team is necessary in order to establish transparent communication between management and executors, to build effective interaction with colleagues, and thereby to ensure efficient and accurate data exchange without informational and temporal losses. Moreover, it is extremely important that the communication channel functions in all directions. This is necessary for establishing solid company policy, strengthening team spirit, and increasing its loyalty.

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Without a communicative connection, each employee seems to be in his own “information bubble” without fully understanding how his activity is related to the company goals and objectives. To avoid this situation from happening, it is recommended following the scrum approach with regular meetings, detailed goal setting, and work planning. Thus, each team member knows the goal to be reached and tasks he needs to work on. It is only, an effective communication channel can make planning even more productive.

If you are searching for a tool to serve as a single team communication instrument, Standuply is just a perfection tool for scrum meetings, whether it is planning, grooming, or retro:

-It is a Slack app;

-Automates standup meetings;

-Offers all the instruments necessary for smooth and productive sprint retrospectives;

-Acts as a digital Scrum Master, assisting with tasks planning and backlog grooming;

-It can be used as a voice, video, text communication channel, that allows screen sharing and remote accessing.

Owing to the above functional set, you can reduce the meeting duration without affecting its effectiveness.

What Does It All Give to You?

An interesting fact – American experts on intracorporate communications came to the conclusion that the loyalty of employees and their satisfaction are connected with the quality of communication within the company. Thus, the lack of communication between employees and departments significantly slows down the resolution of any issues, provokes conflicts and misunderstandings, and, therefore, leads to internal tensions in the team. To avoid all these from happening and assure effective teamwork, it is so important to use a good tool for internal communication.

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