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What to expect from the delayed The Curse of Oak Island Season 6, Episode 22?

Thousands of fans are glued to their screens while the popular reality TV show “The Curse of Oak Island” is airing on the History Channel. The series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina in search of a mysterious hidden treasure and historical artifacts on the equally mysterious and fabled Oak Island in Nova Scotia. However, their operations may be in for a halt after the strike of the workers. What does this mean for Season 6 Episode 22?

Episode 21 was called “Seismic Matters,” and it saw the Lagina brothers solving problems that they have come across recently. The possible stoppage of their operations is the biggest of these after the crane operators did not want to work. The rest of their crew members had to dig at the Smith’s Cove by themselves. Naturally then, the fans are eager to see what transpires next.

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Although the team is constantly discovering more artifacts on the island, there is still a huge possibility of the full stoppage of their operations due to winter. Potential extreme weather condition that is common to Nova Scotia would deem the work impossible. In addition, it is crucial for the excavated area to remain dry, in order to maintain safety. Episode 22 will probably see Rick and Marty prepare for the upcoming winter break.

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The episode will be called “Lost and Founding”, and it will introduce Chris Donah, the researcher who Rick Lagina and Craig Tester came across in the last episode. He talked to Rick about the bizarre triangle shape swamp earlier.

The episode did not arrive on the channel on Tuesday, April 23, for still unknown reasons. It is now expected to premiere on Tuesday, April 30, at 9 p.m. on History Channel. All that is left is to wait and see what the team has in store for the inpatient fans next.

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