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What makes a coffee shop truly great?

Is there a particular detail you can pinpoint in your favorite coffee shop? Maybe you enjoy the design of it or professional and friendly baristas keeping up the dialogue? Or both? All the details you’ve thought of and a lot more make a coffee shop popular. Let’s check what you need to look for if you’re planning to make your place treasurable by the customers.

Knowledgeable and amiable baristas

Obviously, barista’s job is not only to make coffee. A lot of customers ask questions about coffee while they are getting their drink made. A professional staff member should be able to answer those curious questions and make an excellent beverage for their visitor. The best move would also be to ask about their preference if they are not sure what to order. Then, with the provided details, the barista should be able to propose the best option.

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So, when you think of opening your own coffee shop, for example, you should hire talkative and sociable people even if they don’t have a lot of experience. If they feel like the right people for you, test them on their brewing knowledge.

Instagrammable food, drink, and interior designs

An essential point would also be the presentation, meaning the design of the place and how the snacks and drinks look. They need to be aesthetical. If you think of it, a huge part of our life is social media. So, what would be the best way to promote your coffee shop? Of course, customers sharing photos with their followers. Every visitor will love to take photos of your place and the drinks if they look more than presentable. People can’t resist posting their photos from the pretty places they’ve been to. Then, their friends will simply ask about the location, and your coffee shop is already full of new customers ordering your beautiful drinks.

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Up-to-date technologies

Quick and hassle-free counter service plays a huge role in a coffee shop success. Nobody likes waiting in queues. Everybody wants to choose whether to pay by cash, card, or smartphone. An easy-to-use and reliable cloud POS system can assure fast order processing and make baristas and customers happy. According to, the interface of the most suitable POS system for coffee shops should be quick to learn. Even a barista on their first working day should be able to take orders fast after a 15-minute training. One more important thing for a cloud POS app is stable work in an offline mode. It’s best if a temporary loss of the Internet connection remains unnoticed by your customers and don’t make baristas nervous. The POS system you use influences customers’ perception of your service a lot. Be sure to choose one that will maximize comfort for both your team and customers. Its main task is to enable your team to handle the peak demands that occur in coffee shops at breakfast and lunch without any stress.

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Engaging atmosphere

Having a coffee shop is not only about gaining customers, but it’s also more like building a special community. And if you want to have it, you should work for it. When your employees are cheerful and remember patrons’ preferences, people will feel you care. A powerful way to make your visitors feel engaged is to introduce a loyalty program. It can be getting points and spending them on a bonus drink. If eco-initiatives resonate with your frequent customers, start a “bring your own mug” program. Give a discount for people who care about nature and show them that you support something that is important for them. People will frequent your coffee shop not just because they need a coffee fix and your place is on their way. Many want to have “their place” in the city and feel they belong to a community. If your coffee shop offers this on top of a cup of quality coffee, your business will flourish. The Brew Therapy offers wholesale coffee supplies for everything your coffee shop needs