What Is A VIN Number And Why It Is Important

Every car ever manufactured has a VIN number that is unique on its own. A VIN number is a Vehicle Identification Number and it must be unique. It is a 17 digit number that is stamped into the chassis of a car that serves the purpose of an identification code.

A VIN number, unlike a registration number, cannot be changed and it will never change from the moment the car is manufactured to the moment the car is dismembered in a junkyard. You can about this topic more in depth by visiting

The VIN number is made out of three sections. The first one identifies the manufacturer of the car, for example, Audi, the second part is the vehicle description, while the third part is the identifier.

It’s important to know your car’s VIN number because of safety reasons. The safety reasons being that you can establish whether or not the car has been suspect or not. If you give the VIN number to your car’s manufacturer, they can establish accurately the identity of your car.

Where can the VIN number be found in your car?

We mentioned earlier, the VIN number can be found on the chassis of your vehicle, usually located in the engine area, the passenger door opening, or the plastic trim around the driver’s door opening. Car manufacturers will usually place the VIN number in multiple areas of the car so that they can be easily found. The VIN number will always be located in an area that can be easily found and easily read so that police officers can run a quick identity check.

When should you check your car’s VIN number?


A great rule of thumb is to always check for a cars VIN number when buying a used car. The VIN number will also be located on the V5 vehicle registration documents and you should compare that number to the one located on the engine, or eighter sides of the driver or passenger’s door. If the two number matches, then that means that the car hasn’t undergone any suspicious dealings such as the engine being replaced. It is very important to check for the VIN number before purchasing a used car, as it can tell you if someone is trying to scam you or not. You can read more about the car’s VIN number meaning in by following the corresponded link.

What if the VIN number is different from the one in the logbook?

Simply said, if the VIN number located on your vehicle doesn’t match one of the registration papers, then under no circumstances are you to purchase that car. If both numbers don’t match then there is something going on that the owner of the car doesn’t want you to know. You should also know that it is illegal to hide stolen cars, and one way they do it is by changing the VIN number. This act is known as VIN number cloning and criminals use this on unsuspecting buyers all the time. It is done by transferring the identity of a legally registered car onto a stolen one. Always check for the VIN number and always compare it to the registration book in order to make sure that you are purchasing a legal car.