What flowers should you have in your garden

If your garden starts to fizzle when summer starts, then you will need a good plant to keep your garden beds blooming. The flowers in this article actually thrive in heat and they also come in every color, shape, and size. However, you should make sure that these flowers will strive in your region before you purchase them. You should feel free to experiment during each season in order to find the best combination that will suit your garden, the climate, as well as you best.  Here is a list of flowers to plant during the summer season:


Also referred to as amaranth is known to grow from 18 inches to 6 feet tall in a wide range of colors that include gold, green, red, orange, and purple. This flower that you should directly soil, does not tolerate wet soil, transplanting, and shade well, hence you should carefully think about where you should plant it.

2. Canna Lilies

You should plant these tropical-looking flowers for lush and colorful foliage. You should plant these flowers during spring since they will not bloom until summer. Hence, planting them during spring will allow them time to yield intense blooms and establish themselves well. They are popular in colder regions and they are perennial in warmer areas.

3. Lily of the Nile

These flowers are also referred to as the African lily or the blue lily, the Agapanthus praecox is a flower that will enjoy the partial or full shade that will thrive in warm areas, especially if they are planted in pots. Keep in mind that if you plant this flower in hanging baskets or pots and if they show signs of stress, you should move them in a shady area and check the plants for dryness. You might need to water them twice or even three times a day.

4. Sulfur Cosmos

This flower enjoys being in the Sun and comes in various and happy colors including orange, yellow, and scarlet. It is quite easy to plant and grow these flowers from the see in soil that is not as rich in minerals and they are often self-sown, which means that you will work less during the year. Expect the flowers to grow from 1 to 4 feet tool.

5. California Poppies

Eschscholzia Californica grows from 5 to 15 inches and comes in a wide range of colors, like pink, red, yellow, creams, and orange. This flower that strives in the sun and it grows best it is directly sown, also it does not tolerate transplanting well. Keep in mind that it does not thrive in wet or rich soil and it will continuously bloom during the whole season.

6. Coneflowers

This flower is the favorite of butterflies and birds, and it has a lot of human fans as well. Most people love these flowers since you will not need to maintain it a lot and it is great for decorating your garden easily. You will have various colors to choose from, including the spicy coral pink color that will age to softer colors. You can plant them in borders or containers in order for them to grow well.


If you want to enhance the overall look of your garden, you can plant these flowers and enjoy their bloom, as well as fragrance during the whole summer. If you want to see some creative ideas and wonderful flowers, check out this website.

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