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What Does the Future Hold for Dwayne Johnson’s Career?

If you are an avid follower and fan of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, you might be wondering what does the future hold for his career. You might also ask yourself whether Shazam will make some kind of shift in The Rock’s career.

The Connection Between Shazam and Dwayne Johnson

Shazam, the 2019 American superhero film, was released at the beginning of this month and became a huge success for the Worlds of DC. The Warner Brothers claimed that Shazam is another box office triumph with a $158 million worldwide opening. The studio also achieved huge success with Aquaman and Wonder Woman.
Consequently, Warner Brothers are releasing a sequel and Shazam 2 is coming. However, some big changes might happen in the DC Universe, the Fast and the Furious franchise, as well as, in Dwayne Johnson’s career.

When it comes to the sequel, many fans and the executives are wondering how long will they have the child actors from the hit film. Likewise, many fans are wondering how will Shazam 2 proceed with the villains.

What Does the Future Hold for Dwayne Johnson’s Career?

Dwayne Johnson became a huge acting superstar when he signed up to play the DC comics villain Black Adam several years ago. Black Adam is an important part of the entire DC universe. In fact, he has gone against many major heroes and was a member of the Justice Society of America.

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It was first planned that Dwayne Johnson will appear in a solo Black Adam film, which would lead up to Shazam. Nevertheless, the executives decided to go with Shazam first. Even though it was believed that Black Adam will be part of Shazam, this was not the case. However, this doesn’t mean that The Rock and his production company Seven Bucks were put on the sidelines. In fact, Dwayne Johnson was a producer of Shazam.

As the sequel is in plans, we are all looking forward to seeing when will Johnson step into the costume of Black Adam. The Rock claimed that Black Adam is coming and that filming will take place next year.

Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs and Shaw, the Fast and Furious spin-off film, will be released in August this year. If the film is well accepted, we can all expect that Warner Brothers will implement the Black Adam character in more than just the one sequel and spin-off film. This might mean a career change for The Rock.

Moreover, there are a number of other upcoming projects for Dwayne Johnson, including a Jumanji sequel, Jungle Cruise, San Andreas 2, and Doc Savage. Besides these films, Dwayne also has his television shows including the hit HBO series “Ballers” and “The Titan Games” for NBC.

In addition, he has his television shows including the hit HBO series Ballers and The Titan Games for NBC.

Some of Dwayne Jonson movies have been a huge success, such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and GI Joe: Retaliation, yet some of them have done well only overseas, such as Hercules, Skyscraper, and Rampage. Thus, the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw film are highly anticipated for what it will do at the box office.

The Fast and Furious Franchise Future

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The future of the Fast and Furious franchise is in doubt as the Furious 8 didn’t go well with the critics. It has been said that the plot is predictable and hollow. However, there are two more Fast and Furious films yet to come. If Universal decided to cut production budgets for this franchise, it might mean that Johnson’s payday will be affected, as well as, his career decisions.
Therefore, if Warner Brothers and DC offer Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam, which might be a crucial turnout for Johnson’s career. Moreover, it seems like Dwayne has been changing his physical appearance into a smaller, leaner frame. It might mean that he is going to play different characters as his career is going to progress into his 50s.

Dwayne Johnson has signed a number of projects for the upcoming five years, which means that he won’t have any financial difficulties for the rest of his life. His production company, Seven Bucks, is becoming a film and publicity powerhouse, which means an additional income for Johnson.

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So, we might see him in the Black Adam characters and he is likely to become a centerpiece of their film universe. Or, he might stop the physics-defying cars and onset drama and enter a new phase of his franchise career.

Whatever he chooses to do, there will always be executives and producers who will love to work with Dwayne Johnson.