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What do millenials want from the Health System?

No generation before was that independent and critically thinking like us — Millennials. After all those years of following historical events and social-political conflicts, we have developed serious trust issues towards government and public services. More than ever we can feel that we’re on our own with our struggles.

Furthermore, it’s easier than ever to establish your own company, there appeared many opportunities to start a startup business. We don’t see a point in being stuck in an unstable company with an unfair boss upon us. Why would we, if we can become the boss of our own?

This sudden rush of independence and healthy skepticism reflects not only in our professional life attitude but also from the point of view of the healthcare system. We’re extremely cautious and resourceful. It’s surprising how drastically different our generation’s approach from our parents’ is.

What’s so characteristic of our needs and expectations towards healthcare? Has technology progress had its influence on the situation, as well? Are we more health aware than the generations before us? With we decided to take a closer look at what makes us so picky and demanding!

In The Digital World

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The technological progress is as natural as human evolution. With every new invention, we develop our technological intuition and digitalization tendencies more and more intensively. Each small change is the beginning of dozens of new tech ideas and improvements. It’s no different with the health and well-being areas in our lives.

It started with food delivery apps, then we could make the hairdresser appointment the same way. Lately, there appeared even Sex Education applications that enable young people not only learn about sex, their bodies and contraception methods but also getting in touch with medical specialists.

In our mobile app stores, we can already find apps that help us take better care of our health and getting to know our minds and bodies. Menstrual cycle tracking, mindfulness, diet planning — it’s often that our mobiles know more about ourselves than our doctors.

Medical apps that would connect us with the network of needed specialists and fellow patients sharing candid reviews are something we’re looking for. Accessible and trustworthy healthcare system information right on our phones!

Let me check that first!

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It’s a common ambivalent phenomenon of Millenials that on the one hand, we take the best care we can of our mental and physical health. While on the other, we don’t trust the doctors as we used to. One family doctor for decades? No way!

Instead of making a medical appointment right away, we’d rather check the symptoms online, first, consult the situation with our friends and do a thorough medical and healthcare system research.

Even after the visit, we tend to question the doctor’s advice and prescriptions. Why?

All The Fuss About Pharmaceutical Companies

Another tonsillitis this month plus another dose of antibiotics from your doctor? I went to a psychiatrist with stress issues, went out with tons of prescribed antidepressants? We’ve all been there. And I’m sure most of us neglected similarly extreme prescriptions at least once.

And that’s because we simply don’t want to get ripped off when there’s no distinct need. Or more precisely — when we don’t really feel the need of taking all the meds. When we think we know better solutions or want to take a second opinion before starting a treatment.

Of course, we can say that the growth of pharmaceutical companies and the rising consumption of various medications is nothing more but a conspiracy theory. But we’re not here to assume or judge. The bare fact is following — it’s one of the most influential aspects that affected our attitude toward the medical world.

Give Us Equality And Transparency!

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The battle for equality is an age-old, never-ending story. The same issue we’re facing when it comes to the healthcare system. The richer you are, the faster you’ll get help. Effective help.

It may be an extremely ideological approach, but isn’t healthcare a basic and common human need? We all are getting sick, we all are struggling with more or less serious health problems. Shouldn’t we all have an absolutely equal healthcare system? Regardless of our marital and financial status, age and origin? These are the questions that are bothering us — Millennials.

Another thing that causes us many sleepless nights — the cost of our potential treatments. We want our medical treatments to be possible to put into our budget plans precisely. The lack of cost transparency is a huge catch. How many of us got to go to the hospital and left with an unexpectedly big bill? Some of us have been repaying the service in installments for years already. Isn’t that right? The fear of getting sick is pretty common among our generation.

Older generations call us lazy and spoiled. But because of the technology boom and exhaustion from the mass problems, we just see the world differently. We have different needs and set higher standards when it comes to our well-being.

With the article, we wanted to highlight the aspects that differ Millennials from the previous generations, and bring to your attention the issues that had a significant impact on the shape of our health awareness.

As usual, we can’t wait to get to know your opinion and stories. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us!