What Crypto to Buy Now and How to Invest in Digital Currency Wisely

Before the new 2024 year, many people are seriously thinking over the investments and the good financial prospects for the future. Since cryptocurrency is one of the most popular values, paying attention to popular coins makes sense. But how do you know which of them are well worth a buy?

The prices of digital coins are well known to fall and rebound repeatedly. That is why one can’t afford to buy them based on emotional impulse. So first, let us look at the coins that have already proved themselves as powerful income boosters and impressed us with their transaction speed or innovative dApp building power.

7 Digital Coins to Focus On Right Now: Buying Crypto Assets That Pay Off

Sure thing, for every investor, especially one with experience, the top of crypto coins will be different. And there is probably no super-accurate prediction to rely on. Still, the coins showed a powerful investing potential in 2021 and are likely to stay at the top the next year as well.

This article will look at some worthy crypto coins and supply reasons for investing in them.

Coin 1. Ethereum (ETH)


The second-largest crypto coin ETH is still booming as its users can feel all the benefits of ether as a payment currency. But not only this makes it attractive – Ethereum opens up the infrastructure opportunities for DeFi protocols.

It is the winner among the long-term investments, and even though developers are sweating at the Ethereum 2.0, the previous version is likely to change and improve over time.

Coin 2. Solana (SOL)


Solana is an Ethereum competitor, first and foremost, because of its lightning speed. However, it is called one of the best performing coins and has gained over 15.000% over the last year.

Very often, when investors are looking for coins other than ETH, Solana makes a great option – it is incredibly fast because its blockchain technology is outstanding. Moreover, its ‘proof of stake’ algorithm lets the transactions be made in the way of a first-in, first-out system. At the same time, fees for such transactions remain low – nearly 0.01$ per one.

Coin 3. Bitcoin (BTC)


It is not a surprise to see Bitcoin as one of the most promising coins. Left alone some of its weaker technical characteristics, Bitcoin shows immense growth from year to year and, in our opinion, the year 2024 won’t be an exception, as well as the pre-Christmas period when its price is expected to surge again.

Coin 4. Binance Coin (BNB)


Another of Ethereum’s nephews launched as an ERC 20 token on Ethereum with ICO. Binance Coin lets users enjoy significantly lower transaction fees than other ETH tokens.

Still, it depends on the reason you want to invest. For instance, if your goal is short-term speculation and maximum profits, BNB can turn out an excellent chance to make it. Still, considering its centralized nature, it might not be helpful as an asset that you want to build a decentralized system with.

Coin 5. Cardano (ADA)


Developed as a blockchain to support proof of stake protocols with high energy efficacy, the Cardano is on the way for transforming into an ecosystem for dApps. What makes the coin different from Ethereum is the market capitalization that in overall makes 45 billion coins that can exist. Still, over 33 billion coins have already been invested in (there must be a good reason!) so the amount of remaining coins is known and quite limited.

This year shows exactly how this coin reached popularity: ADA has risen from 22 cents per coin to 1,3 USD.

Coin 6. Polygon (MATIC)


Having surged at least by 100 in 2021, Polygon coin is now among the top digital currencies to buy. The major part of the coin’s maximum supply, – over 10 billion tokens – is already in circulation. The coin is very promising as the goal of developers is to make blockchains widely acceptable and scalable. MATIC is also valuable because it intends to bring Ethereum into the masses and run dApps endlessly.

Coin 7. Avalanche (AVAX)


Avalanche started trading in 2020 and over this time its price changed from 6.49 USD to 134 USD at the end of this year. Even though the coin hasn’t retained its high price, the  Avalanche coin is interesting as it runs 3 separate blockchains that are able to validate transactions regardless of each other.

It is also more capable of handling quite impressive volumes of crypto transactions (nearly 6.500 in a second).

There are other worthy options to buy these days, too, but these 7 coins are the ones that shine exceptionally bright at the end of 2021. We hope listing them will help you make profitable investments and never regret your decisions later.

Where to Buy the Top Digital Coins Online?

Luckily for all crypto users to future crypto holders, today, you can just use your smartphone for that.

For instance, platforms such as Switchere allow you to buy cryptocurrency with debit card, credit card, or prepaid card in a matter of seconds. Here is how to do it:

  • Register
  • Verify your ID to buy crypto with a card anonymously every next time.
  • Start to buy crypto instantly with a credit card of the preferable bank. Cards by Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard will do.

With these platforms, you can buy as much digital currency as you wish. No hidden fees, super-fast exchange capabilities, simple interface of the mobile app – all of it you will get at this place. Besides, if you have been looking for a good discount, you can get it automatically; the affiliate program will let you receive passive income from every transaction where you sell or buy crypto with a card. This alone makes it a good idea to return to the platform again!

Along with cryptocurrency operations, the app lets you turn crypto into cash; fiat currencies other than USD and EUR are available too.

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