What Can We Expect From the Gaming Industry in 2024?

Rockstar Games has ended 2024 with a bang, dropping the enormously anticipated trailer for the first Grand Theft Auto game in over a decade. The company’s inability to keep a lid on multiple leaks, ranging from gameplay to the trailer itself, shows just how serious the news is. Even in light of the leak, Rockstar called the bluff, releasing the actual trailer as soon as it happened and notching up just under 100 million YouTube views in less than a day. A large chunk of anticipation and news will revolve around this mega-game from Rockstar until its anticipated 2025 release.

Casino gaming industry

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However, let’s not get too focussed on the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto; the gaming industry is worth over $200bn, and some estimates think it will be worth over half a trillion dollars within the next decade. As a standalone sector, casino gaming is arguably the most impressive facet of the gaming industry. Over the last decade, barriers have come down, which previously made placing sports bets and casino gaming much more complex. This has been one of the critical accelerants that have turned it into such a burgeoning portion of the industry.

However, other factors have helped to drive the success of the industry. This includes high-quality game design and slot games that push boundaries, exploring areas they haven’t before. Due to the increasing interest in the casino industry, more game designers are looking at slots as a way to innovate genuinely, especially when you compare them with classic, traditional games, which are almost impossible to re-invent.

Many slot game designers have a blank canvas. Although it’s a highly competitive industry, Book of Ra shows that slot games that can capture an audience and innovate within a popular theme will find a strong market in casino gaming. Next year, we anticipate that the casino gaming industry will continue implementing the latest cutting-edge graphics, and there will be marked improvements in the quality of the games.

Implementation of fresh technology

Although many technological advances will emerge and slowly permeate the industry, some examples buck this trend. Mobile gaming and the internet transformed how people play their games within a few short years. Technological changes will continue to shape how gaming companies plan their future titles in a bid to find success in the industry. Virtual reality (VR) has a strong chance of becoming an integral feature in gaming moving forward.

Although VR probably won’t realise its full potential in 2024, there will be many more games that cater to people looking to play games using a VR headset. With more companies getting into this particular niche avenue of gaming and some of the most prominent tech companies in the world throwing colossal amounts of cash into research and development, VR could have a breakthrough year in 2024, which could signal the future the technology will have in the gaming industry.

We can’t discuss monumental technological changes in gaming without touching on artificial intelligence (AI). AI has been the most significant tech story of 2024. As it changes every level of our lives, the gaming industry is also fully aware of just how much this technology could revolutionise the industry too. If we were to pinpoint one component that could enact the most significant change in the gaming industry in 2024, AI would be a strong choice.

Mobile gaming

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Although mobile gaming has become a significant part of the industry, many believe it still has more room to grow. Despite smartphones becoming an essential piece of our lives, mobile gaming hasn’t become one of the primary uses for the phone, and some analysts are under the impression that this is an undiscovered market. While some believe the opposite, the gaming industry will likely take a closer examination of the potential of the mobile gaming sector in 2024, so anticipate more titles that cater to these platforms.

Esports and Competitive Gaming

Esports, a once-niche sector, has transformed into a juggernaut within the gaming industry. This growth is fueled by the increasing popularity of competitive gaming and the establishment of esports tournaments worldwide. These events, ranging from grassroots competitions to large-scale international championships, have not only elevated the profile of professional gamers but also attracted significant investments and sponsorships. The impact of major tournaments extends beyond mere entertainment; they influence game development trends, encourage community engagement, and contribute to the industry’s economic growth. As esports continues to evolve, it’s reshaping perceptions of gaming as a professional and spectator sport.

Indie Games

Independent game developers continue to be a vital force in the gaming industry, consistently delivering unique and innovative titles. These games, often characterized by their creativity and risk-taking, have left an indelible mark on the industry. They challenge the status quo, bringing fresh perspectives and diversity to gaming libraries. The anticipated indie releases of 2024 are expected to continue this trend, offering experiences that differ significantly from mainstream titles. Indie games not only enrich the gaming ecosystem but also often lead in pushing the boundaries of storytelling, gameplay, and artistic expression in the digital space.

Global Expansion

The gaming industry’s reach is decidedly global, with Asia, and particularly China, emerging as key players. This expansion is not just in terms of consumer base but also in development and innovation. The international trends in gaming, coupled with varying regulations and cultural preferences, present both challenges and opportunities for the industry. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for developers and publishers aiming to succeed in these markets. As the industry continues to grow, keeping an eye on global developments, especially in emerging markets, is essential for anyone involved in the gaming sector, from developers to investors.


From landmark games to implementing the latest tech, there’s no dispute that the gaming industry is set for another blockbuster year in 2024. For millions of console gamers, all roads are leading to the release of GTA VI. For casino gamers, there’s heightened intrigue about where the latest slot design ingenuity will come from.

Other gamers look toward the world of professional video game tournaments and the entry of big money and are fascinated by the size of prize pools and viewing figures. Given that there is so much money within the industry, it will continue to attract the best global talent and seems set for another golden year.

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