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What Are Keyloggers? Track Every Move With Keyloggers


With the ever-growing presence of the Internet into our daily lives, the use of it has grown massively. Nowadays you can do anything you want on the Internet such as shop online, learn online, manage your bank accounts, and more. This makes you vulnerable to the many malicious threats that can inflict your machine. One such threat is a keylogger.

A keylogger is a malicious program or software that records your every keystroke and sends them to the person who inflicted your PC with it. This type of malicious software can be used against you and cause major damage along the way. While this software doesn’t do any harm to your personal computer, it does poses a great amount of danger to you. Namely, your identity and wealth could be compromised by a keylogger.

Keyloggers can be used against you in a way that it would record your every keynote, and acquire usernames and passwords to your bank accounts, social media accounts, and more. This will subsequently end in you losing private information, money, and it could even cause identity theft.

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However, not everything is doom and gloom in the world of keylogging. Many companies employ keylogging software so that they could monitor their employee’s activity while working.

As we mentioned before, keyloggers are not necessarily harmful to your PC. They don’t cause any software or hardware malfunction and they don’t infect your PC with a bitcoin miner. They are predominantly used to monitor a user’s behavior while online and offline. And while the first keylogger was created with malicious intent, recently a lot of companies have started to use keyloggers more and more.

Wolfeye Keylogger is one such software that can be used for good, rather than bad. It can be used to monitor unauthorized PC access, monitor internet behavior of your own children, monitor staff behavior online during working hours, and more.

While some of these may sound confusing, we are going to explain to you why using a keylogger can be beneficial for you.

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•    Monitor Unauthorized PC Access

Maybe you are under the suspicion that someone is using your personal computer while you’re not at home. Or maybe you think someone has hacked your PC? By using a keylogger, you can monitor your PC and find out who uses it and what he does while on it.

•    Monitor Internet Behavior of Your Own Children

With the ever-growing presence of cyberbullying and people pretending to be someone else, using a keylogger could protect your children from such threats. By using a keylogger you can monitor who your children chat with if they are bullied in any way, see if they visit any inappropriate websites, see what kind of content they are viewing and such.

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•    Monitor The Behavior of Your Staff

Keyloggers are used by many companies around the world to monitor what their employees do during working hours. By using a keylogger you can see whether your employees are using their time productively if they spend too much time on the Internet when they are supposed to be working if they are working on independent projects when they should work on other stuff and many more.


While we agree that the first keylogger was created with malicious intent and we do agree that keyloggers are a threat to people, it’s not necessarily malicious software. If you don’t open any suspicious links, visit suspicious websites, or download any suspicious files, you will be safe from keyloggers and other malicious software. On the other hand, you could use keyloggers to your advantage and use them to protect your children and your business.

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