What are Bail Bonds & How Do They Work – 2020 Guide

Even if you are not planning on committing a crime of getting arrested, there is some information that is good to be known just in case. Not only that it can help you or your loved one if they come across some kind of a bump on the road, but the more you know the better. There are some rules and regulations that should be known about Bail bonds and they will be laid down below.

Bail, what is it?


Bail has a very crucial role in the system of justice since it is used as a certain guarantee that the one that has been bailed will come to the court when summoned. The one who is being arrested can be released from being held in prison if the bail is paid. By introducing bail, the system is being released by a specific number of people and there is, as mentioned a certain guarantee that the defendant will come to the hearings and any other court-related business when summoned.

When arrested the specific someone will be held in prison if charged or being in process and can be released to freedom if there are no charges or they are withdrawn or if there is a bail. Bail does not mean that the defendant is free of charges, he is just not held in custody but is obliged to come to the court when summoned.

There is a lot of paperwork that follows the arrest and so-called booking is in order. Basically the police department needs to follow up on a specific procedure upon the arrest in order to file up the person and record all necessary information about him or her.

Once this administrative procedure is done, there are three options, for minor crimes, the arrested person can be released without bail with a note, the second option is the release with paid bail, and the third option is the withheld of the arrested till the bail hearing.

Bail conditions


If the bail is being granted, there are some rules that need to be followed and bail needs to be respected if the one that is accused and released on bail would like to keep it that way. If any of these are broken, arrested will go back to the prison even if the bail was paid.

Firstly, the arrested will be summoned to meeting in the station, and it is very important to come to those call-ups since the authorities are checking if the arrested did not fleed the country. If accused of a crime that involves other people as victims, some restraining order will be lifted, in order to protect the possible victims. Of course, if free from jail, it does not mean that the one is free of work. Most people are encouraged to continue with their regular work or to find a job if they do not have any. As stated, since there are call-up and the arrested needs to come to the station from time to time, in most cases, they are forbidden from going on to the trips of any kind and they need to stay close by. This should come without saying, but no psychoactive substances should be used, especially if the one is driving. Additionally, weapons of any kind are forbidden as well.

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What bail bonds are?


This is one of the ways that bail can be paid; it involves so-called bail bond agents or bondsmen. The primary business of these people is to pay the bond for the defendant. This means that once arrested you can call up the bail bond agent and they will come and be used as a certain guarantee that you will appear to the court. They pay the specific amount of money and if you do not come to the court when summoned they will pay the complete bond amount to the court.

How they actually make a profit is very simple, they take the fee in the amount of specific percentage of the bail itself, in most cases that is from ten to fifteen percent of the bail amount.  This means that if the bail for you is 20k, you will pay the agent the fee of 2k and the agent will be a guarantee to the court that you will come when needed.

In order to use this service, some kind of contract will have to be signed between you and the agent to ensure the security of both parties. In some cases, some specific objects of value can be given to the agents in order to guarantee the appearance on the court. In some other cases, as a safety net, in the contract signed, agents can possess a piece of the defendant property if the one fails to comply with the rules set by the authority and does not come to the court or any other check-in.

It is important to remember that the fee paid to the agent is not refundable.



No matter how hard the situation is, it is good to know what can be done in the situation of crisis. Not all systems are the same and work in this manner but the more you know the better. When it comes to bailing agents, it can be of assistance to know you can call them up if you are found in the situation their services are needed. This means that you can be calm, and not disturb your family and friends, or you can use their services for a friend or family member in need. Those moments can be scary, and we are not taking into consideration the potential charges and consequences of the one arrested. Knowing who to call and how to stay protected is very important in this day and age, and even though it can cost you some money to pay the fee, it is always good to check all bases with the layer before making a decision.