Wet diamond core bit vs dry diamond core bit

When it comes to making holes in tough surfaces such as cement and concrete, core drilling is the best option. There are a number of applications of core drilling and individuals tend to use it when we talk about plumbing, fencing, electrical wiring, piping, and other work. The core drills are available to you in a number of different sizes and come with various attachments which can be removed and used according to the requirements of the job.

One of the biggest confusion for the individuals that are new to its use is that whether they should acquire dry diamond core bit set or a wet diamond core bit set. If you are professional, we suggest you carry both in your toolbox because each of them is intended to do a different job.

Dry core drilling bits

The dry core bits can create a decent amount of debris and a lot of dust. They also come with lesser segments and will wear and tear easily due to the additional stress that is present on them while working. However, the mess created with dry chunks is easy to clean and can be taken care of with ease. You won’t have to worry too much about how you will deal with the waste.


Also, it is preferred for small hole drilling and is the better option for drilling near the equipment and electrical wiring. Moreover, for soft to medium firm materials, dry drilling is going to choose for many professionals who are doing the drilling job.

Wet core drilling bits

As suggested by, the wet core drill is preferred in a number of different cases. They are especially considered when you are to use additional water around the hole. In certain instances, it makes the job of digging hole very easily. Also, they are long and feature a number of different segments, each made with a diverse range of materials. Moreover, it takes less time to do the job with wet drill bit than the dry ones. And the biggest pro is perhaps the lack of dust when drilling with wet chunks.

However, imagine yourself creating a hole in an office wall with wet bits. You are certain to create a lot of mess. Also, it is not suitable when it comes to drilling holes around the electrical wires or equipment because the water has the potential to destroy the circuit and get fire.



There are drills that use wet drilling bits and then you have the ones that use dry bits. Some models in the market can take care of both types of chunks. If you have a drill that only uses a dry bit, you can use additional attachment which allows you to integrate a wet bit and vice versa.

The choice depends on what type of job you are willing to do and which kind of drilling bit will be more suitable for you.