Top Wedding Venues and Locations Perfect for Your Dream Italian Wedding

If wedding ceremonies are the stuff of some dreams, then the best wedding venues in Italy are the perfect setting for those dreams to play out in reality.

A destination wedding planner and organized in one of the best places to get married in Italy is something that’s on pretty much every couple’s bucket lists. And why shouldn’t they wish for something as grand as that? After all, there is no other experience more memorable than a gorgeously planned, dreamy luxury wedding in Italy.

While most dreams are best enjoyed in the head, the top wedding venues and locations in Italy offer the closest possible setting to attain your wedding dream. WIth sumptuous mansions, castles, other structures rising above the lush greeneries – sometimes amidst the centuries-old olive groves or beside a tranquil, blue coastline or sandy beach, the country has some of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world.

So, let’s find out the best locations and venues perfect to organize your dream celebration in Italy.

The Best Places to Get Married in Italy

With a landscape that is second to none and cultural heritage that is often looked upon as the richest and most elegant, it is obvious that couples all over the world would be vying to spend their dreamy day in one of the best places to get married in Italy. The entire country is like a big wedding venue, but the ones that are more viable as a perfect destination wedding location are:

Florence in Tuscany

What more to say about Florence – the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy! Considered as a European capital of arts and culture, the birthplace of the Renaissance has everything it takes to organize a unique wedding celebration. Adorned with the grandest medieval and baroque architecture, and blessed with some of the world’s craftiest people, the city of Florence can put some glam to even the simplest of weddings.

The rural parts of the Tuscany region, on the other hand, would offer the backdrop of rolling hills, olive groves, traditional wineries, and of course, some centuries-old mansions and castles. The wine resorts in Tuscany are a great place to have a wedding too for their authenticity, floras, and faunas, and of course, the alluring flavours. Check out to get more ideas about wine resorts

Lake Como and Lake Garda

If you possess a fascination for the tranquillity of calm lake waters, Lake Como and Lake Garda are the two best locations to plan your luxury weddings in Italy. Whether it’s a grand entrance via boat you are after, or just want the view of the lake passing by, Lake Garda has both the five-star resorts and the private wedding villas ready to be at your service. Its 200-capacity sprawling villa located on a secluded island is certainly bliss to look at, offering an exclusivity only seen in blockbuster movies.

Lake Garda, on the other hand, takes things to another level with some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Italy. For example, the Como Lake Luxury Wedding Hotel was mainly built for a cardinal and has now been converted into a wedding venue nothing short of an awe-inspiring magnificence. There are plenty of other private and romantic villas too, which would let you literally walk down the lakeside with your finance by your side.

Amalfi Coast and Venice

Amalfi coast is located South of Naples and known for its unspoiled coastline restrained only by its picturesque mountains. With the volcanic Island garden Ischia, the enthralling remains of Pompeii, and the terraced mountain gardens in Ravello – all within a short drive away, Amalfi coast and its surroundings are high-in-demand for top wedding venues. The magnificent old convent on the Amalfi coast is certainly a privilege to be at on your wedding day. The exclusive sea-front villa at Sorrento has its fair share of extravaganzas too.

Venice, on the other hand, is widely considered the best location for a romantic destination wedding. Thanks to its winding canals, majestic architecture, ancient bridges, and a mesmerizing sense of history, Venice provides the perfect location for a charming and enigmatic wedding. Although pretty popular, no other luxury weddings in Italy would allow you to arrive on a Gondola, would it? While there are several gorgeous venues, the private island in the Venetian lagoon with a garden and olive grove certainly tops them all.

Puglia and Rome

Two regions with two different atmospheres – the most luxurious wedding venues in Puglia and Rome offer two different options for different couples. As we all know about Rome, it is arguably the most glorious and culturally rich city in the world, with its churches and exclusive ancient venues offering the most elegant of catholic weddings.

Apulia or Puglia, on the other hand, offers the longest stretch of Italian coastlines. Its villas are coloured in white, blue, green, and some fuchsia, making it the most authentic and serene wedding destination in the country. The region is renowned for beach weddings in Italy too. The traditional dinner prepared with exotic local produce and served in ‘market style’ is an exciting proposition too.


If the rural vibe of the most luxurious wedding venues in Puglia is too elegant for your taste, you can easily plan your dream wedding in one of the exclusive venues in Sicily. Regarded for the harsh and rusty chic beauties, the region has everything from rustic historical mansions to the most original beach wedding venues in Italy.

Guess what, you would also get the chance to immerse into the traditional Sicilian culture for its unique wedding dresses, delicious local dishes, raw and unassuming entertainments, etc. Your dream for a wine resort wedding can be fulfilled here too.

So, to conclude, there is no shortage of luxurious wedding venues and locations in Italy, choosing any one of which would elevate your wedding to the highest level of opulence and luxury. For any assistance regarding the planning and execution of your wedding plans, please visit