What to Choose between a Website and a Mobile Application?

Choosing between creating a website or a mobile application can be difficult when you want to develop your online presence. Having both is essential for a strong online presence.

Ronas IT is a web and mobile development company that can come up with something ideal for your business. Feel free to visit website and sample the services they offer. If you’re on a tight budget, choosing between a website or mobile app is one headache you may want to avoid. In this article, we will offer the right advice to make the best decision.

What are the main differences between a website and a mobile application?



Unlike a website which is accessible from a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing…), a mobile application will require a download to be used.

In addition, if the website is responsive, it will be accessible from a computer, phone, or tablet. As for the application, it is less accessible due to its compulsory download, and therefore its consultation is only reserved for smartphones or tablets.

Warning: you should know that some applications may be available without the Internet and can simplify access to a website depending on a connection.

Website advantage: 1-0

Daily use

The mobile application can “enter” into the daily lives of users naturally by integrating with other existing mobile applications such as SMS, e-mails, calls, GPS, etc.

The application also uses the “Push” notification system allowing users to stay active with “news.” Unlike a mobile application designed to be integrated “naturally,” the website is more limited.

Application Advantage: 1-1

The cost of creation


Costs may vary according to UX (user experience) design, UI (web design), or development needs.

• Mobile application: A mobile application is not the same on all operating systems. That is to say, each type of phone (Android or iPhone) will have a different version of the application. You should know that the application is not available immediately because it must first be validated by the App Store or Play Store. In addition, for your application to be available on the App Store, you must take out a subscription with Apple. The cost of developing a native application remains quite high.

• Website: The development of a website is much less complex. In addition, there will be no display difference on an iPhone or a Samsung, which enormously reduces the development cost. Also, note that responsive design (the adaptation of a desktop website to a mobile website) must be considered in the website’s design.

• In general: the cost of developing a website will be lower than for an iOS and Android application.

Website advantage: 2-1


The mobile application requires an additional download and sometimes to have storage space available.

A website is easier to update. There are no installations to perform. Updates are automatic because with each change of page or consultation, the site is reloaded. Updates will therefore be transparent to users.

Website advantage: 3-1

A website and a mobile application are complementary

A mobile application remains present on the user’s smartphone, which is ideal to set up for frequent and regular use. It makes it possible to meet a specific need while allowing user loyalty.

A mobile website is suitable for communication on mobile, intended either for an informative or commercial purpose (e-commerce site).

Today, it is essential for a company to have at least one website to develop its online presence. The adaptation of the mobile website (responsive side) must be well done, especially with the new expectations of Internet users. This is why we recommend that any company start with the development of its showcase or e-commerce website before thinking about creating its application.

Choosing a mobile app design company


If you want to create your own mobile application, then you should carefully study all the information about this direction, as well as assemble a team of like-minded people who will help you realize your desires in the best possible way.

If we are talking about the visual component of the application, then it is important to choose the designers involved in such development carefully. It is important that they be reliable specialists and also offer professional assistance in the development of any software tasks.

A mobile application should not only be beautifully designed but also easy to use because this is what makes the application popular and in demand among users. Before choosing specialists involved in the creation of mobile application design, it is worth studying all the information about which companies offer the services of such specialists today and how proven they are in their work.

You can order a service such as mobile application design development online. Here, you will find a wide range of different services for developing your own IT product, and you can also choose the best specialists for your task.

Choosing a mobile application designer


To avoid making a mistake and choose the best designer for a mobile application, you should carefully study all the information about what specialists are working on the market today, what services they offer, and how well they do the work of developing a design for an application. How much a business application costs is also one of the most important questions.

Here’s what you should pay attention to when choosing the following services:

First of all, carefully study the portfolio of such a designer. This is important because your choice will determine how reliable and trusted the specialist you will find for your task is;
also, consider the professionalism of such experts. Learn what kind of design tools they use and how professional and modern they work;

To get the best design development for your mobile application, you should make sure that the company offering such services is reliable in the market. This will help you not to make a mistake and choose the most reliable designer services for yourself, as well as those that will be useful and effective for your product. Also, study the reviews of certain designers before ordering development services for your application from them.