How Long Should You Wear a Laser Cap for Hair Growth


Millions of people around the world suffer from baldness and hair loss problems. Therefore, you will get plenty of treatment options too. All the treatment options vary with the root cause of the problem. For example, if the reason for your hair loss is hypertension, the treatment would be different. Likewise, you will receive a different solution for hereditary or hormonal-caused hair loss.

One such solution is the use of laser caps. You must have seen various advertisements on TV and have considered trying them on. Because all you have to do is to wear a cap. Furthermore, the manufacturers claim that the cap will make your hair grow healthier in just 3 months. So it’s not only you that want to try it but a million other people too.

Do they actually work?

You must have had this question in your mind, right? Well, according to Kiierr, laser caps actually work. These laser lights increase the stimulation of blood cells, thus, providing better nourishment to the scalp. In addition to this, it also enhances the synthesis of proteins and cellular absorption. This further increases the growth of new hair. Eventually, your hair follicles will be regenerated to support new hair growth.
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Working of laser caps

Before trying something new, you must know about it. And it is only right for you to do so. Because after all, there are a lot of risks involved. You might worry about getting yourself in danger because there will be laser lights. Furthermore, a lot of people are not comfortable trying it for the first time. Therefore, they have a few questions in their mind. So let us answer them very quickly.

Regarding the working of these caps, you need to understand the level of light therapy. As you already know about the impact of light in our daily lives, the same phenomenon works for these caps. Sun emits light radiations to the earth and thus, making it possible for us to have this life.

Likewise, level light therapy involves exposure to light of a certain wavelength that stimulates certain body cells. The light photons that reach our scalp, strengthen the weak follicles and make them able to support new hair growth. Moreover, these photons also work on the circulation of blood. So if you wear this cap regularly, your blood flow in the scalp will increase. Better blood circulation means a better provision of nutrients. Thus, you will have healthier hair.

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How long do you need to wear it?

There is a proper manual to follow this, which depends on the health of your hair. Therefore, you should consult your physician and ask him about the right timing for yourself.
Usually, the recommended time is 30 minutes a day. And you should not use it every single day. So the best way to use lase level light therapy cap is every other day and for a maximum of 30 minutes. You can reduce the time period if you have a rather healthier scalp.
For example, if you are going towards baldness, 30 minutes would be the maximum time for you. On the other hand, if your scalp is suffering from hair loss problems but it is not yet too severe, you should go for 15 minutes at the maximum.

The maximum number of days in a week?

The best way is to use it every other day. For example, you used to cap on Sunday so now you should not use it on Monday. The next day would be Tuesday and then Thursday and then Saturday. So you will wear it one day and skip the next day.

In addition to this, you should never use it more than once a day. There is a limit to everything and you should stay behind that. Even if you are desperate to have your hair back, maximum use of things can be harmful to you.

So in short, you will follow this routine for 3 to 6 months. Use the cap for a maximum of 30 minutes and once a day on alternative days.

How would you know if the cap is working?

Of course, if you are getting treatment, you will be anxious about the results. But how would you know if something is actually working or not?
These treatments work gradually, so if you observe your hair every day, you might not feel any difference. Why? Because you are observing the gradual process. It is just like watching a sunset. You won’t even know when the shining sun went down. Because it was happening gradually. However, if you turn off the lights in your room, you will feel it.

Therefore, if you want to see the difference, you should take pictures. This is the best way to know the difference. For example, before starting your therapy, you should take a picture. Then take another one after a week. Likewise, take one picture every week and make sure you take it at the same time and place. Furthermore, the angle should be the same too. You will know the visible difference if you keep the other factors constant.

Can someone use laser cap therapy along with other medications?

Now coming towards something very serious. You might think that whether it is safe to use this treatment therapy if you are already taking other medications. There are pills and shampoos that promote hair growth. So if you are already taking any of these, there won’t be any problem with the use of a laser cap.
This is because pills work by managing your hormones and nutrition levels. On the other hand, light therapy works externally. So there won’t be any adverse effect on your body.

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