Ways of Shipping From the UK to Cyprus


Too many people as well as companies are concerned about the ways in which cargo is transferred from one location to another around the world. Although in the past this activity required too much paperwork, time, and money, today for many shipping companies it is an easy task and they can fulfill it on time whenever you want. All you have to do is choose the shipping method that is ideal for you, and thus the company whose services you will be satisfied. Although it seems like an impossible mission, to achieve this you only need to take a few steps that separate you from sending or receiving goods on the doorstep of your home or company.

Sending freight to Cyprus from the UK will often mean needing to book sea passage for goods but this isn’t always necessary. In fact, there are express courier services that enable goods to reach the Mediterranean island largely by land. If you have customers in Cyprus you would like to send orders to directly, then what are your main options? Read on to find out.

Air Freight to Cyprus

To begin with, Cyprus is served well by international air shipments. The southern part of Cyprus has two civilian airports, one at Larnaca and the other at Paphos. Both handle freight as well as passenger flights. Although air freight services are undoubtedly the fastest way of getting goods to Cyprus, they will still need to undergo the same customs inspections on arrival as any other consignment of commercial goods. As such, given the additional expense involved, even urgent orders tend to be sent by road and sea routes rather than with air operators these days.

What we can list as one of the positive features is that this mode of transport is perhaps one of the most organized, because there are shipping companies that organize shipping very well from picking up the goods from the location you specify, to the place where they should arrive. Everything related to this process is a task that they will complete as professionals. Even the most sensitive shipments, as well as shipments that cost too much money and are delicate to transport, would arrive on time and in the condition in which they were picked up. Your task in all this is just to contact those who you want to do the shipping, and you can leave everything else to them.

Express Deliveries to Cyprus

Goods that can be loaded into fast-moving vans can be sent from the UK to Cyprus from multiple ports in southern Europe. The Port of Piraeus, near Athens, often serves as an embarkation port for freight that is making its way to Cyprus. It takes about 30 hours to get a lorry or van from the English Channel to Piraeus if it is able to move continuously with a two-driver team. What’s more, the mandatory customs checks on the goods can be conducted in France at the border because southern Cyprus is in the EU. This means deliveries will require no further inspections on arrival from mainland Europe as they are already deemed to be within the trading bloc.

Many people think that this mode of transport, if it is an express delivery, that to send a truck from one place to another that would arrive as soon as possible, in certain circumstances, that this type of service would cost them a fortune. However, in many situations, this is not true. Although there is a great distance for some shipping destinations from one end of the world to the other, the price you have to pay for express delivery in the shortest possible time is affordable and easily accessible to everyone. This is because today there are a large number of companies that offer fast transport around the world, so the price for their services is significantly reduced compared to before when there were only a few who offered these services.

Palletised Groupage Freight Services to Cyprus

By far the most cost-effective way of sending freight to Cyprus today is with a groupage service. A leading freight forwarding firm that organises frequent groupage deliveries of freight to Cyprus, it will typically take 22 to 24 days for consignments to arrive at their intended destination with this sort of service. What happens is that goods are grouped together on pallets and sent at the same time. This means that the travel costs involved with a shipment to Cyprus are shared. Deliveries are split up when the goods arrive and local logistics firms will handle the final stage of the delivery process.

If you are not limited in time, and you do not care if the pallets will arrive at the destination in ten or twenty days, and you want to save on transportation costs, then this may be the best option for you. However, the most important item in this whole process is for those pallets to arrive at the place where you have determined as the final destination, in the best possible condition, ie to be intact and undamaged.

A Note on Northern and Southern Cyprus

It should be noted that North and South Cyprus are different states. Under international law, no goods may pass between the two states directly. If you are intending on sending freight to the north, officially known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, then you will have to send your goods to mainland Turkey for onward shipment. Handily, there are three different ferry routes which offer daily sailings to North Cyprus from Turkey. Goods intended for the south, otherwise known as the Republic of Cyprus, cannot be sent via Turkey, however.

Visit Barrington Freights website to find out more about shipping freight to Cyprus. Although for many companies Cyprus would be a large-scale challenge to complete the shipping activity, if you have the right co-operation team you should not fear that the goods will be lost, damaged in any way or you will be late for delivery. So make the right choice, and choose the team that will deliver safe and fast door-to-door cost-effective global delivery.