How to Wash Jeans to Make Them Last Longer?

Jeans are an essential garment in any wardrobe, especially after the success of mom jeans. But do you know how to wash your blue jeans so that they keep their original shape and color for longer?

We provide you with some simple tricks to clean and dry your jeans and keep them as the first day. Let’s go with it!

It is a classic of any wardrobe and station. Its comfort, versatility and great utility make it a garment that you cannot miss at home. In fact, denim is one of the most popular clothing items in the world of fashion and one of the few that has conquered everyone’s hearts (regardless of race, gender or social status).

And the only problem we can have with jeans is that they lose their shape and color after each wash. If it is something that happens to you frequently, there is only one possible explanation. Don’t go to buy it from a local shop or web store.

You should go to a reputable market place or online store just like to buy quality jeans, shirts, shoes or other accessories with jeans which you would like to wear for a fashion trend.

But, don’t worry, we explain how to wash your jeans without losing their original color and shape. In addition, we also see how to keep a jean without ever washing it. But first, let’s see how often it is advisable to wash jeans.

How often is it advisable to wash jeans?

Some say that he has never washed his jeans and it is a perfectly acceptable option because even Tommy Hilfiger himself confessed in an interview that he had never washed his.

In fact, we are obliged to tell you that washing your jeans very frequently, such as after a first use, is a mistake. Subjecting them to a weekly wash wears down their color and texture. Also, remember that high temperatures deform and damage this type of textile.

Therefore, it is advisable not to do it routinely, that is, do not wash them if they have one, two or three uses, unless they have been stained a lot or smell bad. Denim garments are preserved and look better with use and wear over time.

How to preserve jeans without washing them

As we indicated before, there is a trick to preserve jeans without passing them through water. The best, according to the CEO of Levi’s, is to wipe the stain with a cloth dampened in water and then allow the garment to air dry without exposing it directly to the sun.

This solution is only applicable if it is a pants that you do not use very often. For example, if you use it twice a week, air it out before putting it back in the closet. A good trick to prevent them from smelling bad is to hang them in the bathroom when we take a shower. The scents released by the shampoo and gel will soak into the denim.

On the other hand, if your jeans have food, drink stains or smell bad, it’s time to wash them. How? Better if it is by hand. We know it’s lazy, but trust us, they’ll look like new if you wash them this way.

How to wash jeans by hand

If you follow this option, always do it with the garment inside out, separately and in cold water. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. In a basin or bucket pour plenty of cold water. Hot water makes the jean shrink and lose its original color.
  2. Pour in the soap and submerge the jean. A trick that does not fail and that makes the pants retain their color is to pour a cup of cleaning vinegar in the wash. It is an almost magical solution!
  3. Rub, at a constant rate, on the parts where there are stains of food, drink and others.

If you don’t have time or prefer to resort to comfort, you can also machine wash your jeans. Of course, be careful and always follow these five steps:

Step 1

Prepare your jeans for a machine wash. Before putting the it in the washing machine, check the pockets, turn them over, fasten the buttons and close the zipper. Remember, jeans should always be washed inside out and with garments of the same fabric and color.

Step 2

Always with cold water. So that your pants do not fade or lose shape, always wash them at low temperatures, maximum 30ºC.

Step 3

Use a special detergent for dark clothes that takes care of the fabrics, maintains the shape and color. At this time, you can also take a cup of cleaning vinegar. It acts as a fabric softener and maintains the color! If you like homemade solutions, keep in mind that table salt also prevents clothes from fading.

Step 4

Set a short wash cycle (especially for delicate fabrics). It is the best program to wash your jeans. Regarding spinning, we advise you not to use it, as it will only wrinkle and deform your pants. Not to mention that you will save energy.

Step 5

Dry them immediately. One of the most frequent mistakes that we all make when starting the washing machine is not drying clothes after washing them. This simple action makes clothes smell bad and tend to damp. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you hang your jeans with the clips holding the waist area, this way the marks will not be noticeable. Lay them inside out to prevent the sun from shining on the pants and causing them to lose their color.

How to wash jeans or jeans in a washing machine?

If you don’t have time or prefer to resort to comfort, you can also machine wash your jeans. Of course, be careful and always follow these five steps:

How to iron jeans
  1. When ironing your jeans, also do it the other way around. It starts with the pockets and the back, then continues to the waist and finally the trouser legs. On the iron temperature, better if it is low to avoid damaging the color.
  2. A good trick to avoid ironing is to shake the garment several times so that it stretches and dries without wrinkles.
  3. Hanging your jeans with clips will make them dry without marks or wrinkles.
  4. Mistakes that fade jeans