Want To Transform Your Looks? Try Out These Mens Haircuts

If you are looking for a new haircut or you need to rock the most fashionable mens haircuts to transform your looks, then you are reading the right article. With well-styled short hair on the side and extended manes on top, the haircuts for men we have collected here are easy to style, seamless, and trendy. Whether you are looking for an undercut or a fade with long, medium, or short hair, there are multiple beautiful men’s hairstyles and cuts for you.

From classic pompadour to faux hawk, slicked-back styles, quiff, crew haircut, and a crop top, we have collected the most fashionable and trendiest MensHaircuts to give a shot right now! Continue scrolling to check standard and new hairstyles suitable for your hair length and type. Take a peek.

1. Comb Over Haircut and a Low Fade

An extended comb-over paired with a fade gives you a bold yet classic haircut for men. The deeper sections enhance height and contrast to the entire look while the low fade maintains the manes at the back and sides clean cut and neat. Styling your hair using a low-shine hair product gives you some control without making your manes appear stiff.

2. Short Quiff Hairstyle for Guys


Undoubtedly, the quiff is among the best men’s haircuts, and its popularity continues to grow across the world. The vibrant quiff hairstyle offers your look bold personality, and the skin fade created on the sides of the head improves the height on top and also enhances a clean-cut appearance. This style works great when hair is kept three to five inches long on the crown. To get this hairstyle just right, you will need good clippers, and an excellent barber. Make sure to check bestazy for further clippers review as they will ensure that your hair looks as it supposes to.

3. Mid-side Swept Haircut for Men

The contemporary side-swept haircut for men is trendy and chic on most men, and the combed over style matches excellently when paired with the beard. It is an ideal haircut for guys with thick hair that is between two and three inches in length. To recreate this look, start by brushing your manes to one side and leave it messy and textured. Use a medium hold pomade for the best matte finish.


4. Short Textured Style

If you have curly or wavy manes, a short textured haircut paired with a high fade would be ideal for both office look as well as a casual look for a night out. With extended top and short sides, you will require three to four inches of hair length on top that fade downwards to an almost bald fade on the sides and at the back of your head. To finish this look, you need a matte hair styling product such as wax or pomade.

5. Extended Haircut and Beard

Extended hair and beard is an excellent combination for men that gives them a masculine and classic look. Since more men are opting to grow out their hair, this style is growing in popularity as one of the most sported mens haircuts. Pulled back or straight, or textured and shaggy, this recent men’s hairstyles trend is the way to go.

6. Short Men’s Hairstyle Comb Over and Undercut

The comb-over haircut is not only preserved for guys with long locks. In fact, the only thing you require to sport a comb-over is a minimum of four inches of hair length. While most men opt for a comb over fade, you can choose a clean-cut undercut comb-over. It is the latest trend. The extremely short hair on the sides and long locks on top is made perfect with extended fringe in the front. It is one of the most preferred haircuts for men that is ridiculously easy to create.

7. Curly Haircut With a Taper Fade

The curly haircut is one of the best mens haircuts in 2019. If you have lived your whole life thinking that your curly hair is a curse, this hairstyle will make you change your perception about it. By just keeping three to four inches of hair length in front and two inches at the nape of your neck, you will get a haircut that will transform your looks and make you happy.


8. Messy Taper Haircut

If you like contemporary messy mens haircuts, then this thick mid-length style has just come at the right time for you. The hair length left in the front gives this haircut some personality, and the mid-length tapering of hair adds some chic edge. It is ideal for office hours as well as a Friday night party. When complemented with a thick beard, this haircut is all that you would need to wow girls!

9. Texture Pompadour and Fade

The new pompadour hairstyle is another classic men’s haircuts that is clean-cut and trendy. Paired with a classic line-up and fresh undercut, this textured pompadour gives you the right vibe to turn heads. It is an ideal cut for guys with thick and straight hair. To create this haircut and keep it fresh throughout the day, use a strong pomade and then blow-dry your locks to place. Brush your hair up and then back to give it volume and height in front.

10. Extended Top and Short Sides Haircut

For some men, hairstyles are all about expressing themselves, and this extended top and short sides men’s haircut says everything. The haircut is characterized by longer locks on top that stand straight with the help of some bold and bright highlights. The clean fade further adds the contrast of this haircut. For a more classic and stand out a haircut, grow out your beard, and create a stubble beard using a stubble trimmer. You will have a look that is not only masculine but hot as well.

11. Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked back mens haircuts have existed for many decades, but this one includes a modern touch to the typical slicked back style. It is ideal for men with thick and wavy manes. This haircut features three key aspects; skin fade cut on the back and the sides slicked back long hair on top and a short beard that balances the entire look with clean-shaved sideburns. It is a great look that is trending right now!



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