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Volante Vision – a futuristic flying taxi


Aston Martin is a huge brand and name in the automotive industry and it always strives to make something new and luxurious. This time, this company has revealed its ideas and plans to make a luxurious taxi, but the one that could fly. They have made it into a concept and called it the Volante Vision Concept. We would be able to know more about the entire concept during the Farnborough Air Show.

Design and Performances

One of the best features of this aircraft would be the possibility to have vertical take-off and landing. Regarding the engine itself, there would be a hybrid-electrical engine and the engine is expected to be paired up with several propellers. The turboprop is expected to be at the back of the unit. We should also add an interesting thing about its exterior design and it is a Y-wing at its front, and it could have dual propellers with the ability to tilt and rotating.

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Since we are talking about Aston Martin, it is expected that the manufacturer would make this aircraft as luxurious as possible. The navigation included would be autonomous and there would also be cockpit canopy that would be made entirely of glass. It has been decided to make this aircraft to be used by rich people and all those who would like to have luxurious air-taxi at any moment.


It should be added that Aston Martin is not making it alone since they do not have any experience in the industry, and this is the reason why they are collaborating with Rolls-Royce. Why? Well, Rolls-Royce has similar projects of its own in development. So, the competition for this type of clientele would be fierce.