Vladimir Putin was Proposed by Julia

Russian President Vladimir Putin took advantage of Ivanovo’s visit to talk to residents for a while, and at one point, a woman who made love to him stood out from the crowd.

“Take me for a wife,” she told him.

The president smiled, saying it was a “nice proposal” and asked her name, to which she replied, “Julia.”

The girl then approached Putin and, as she later told, managed to give him her photo with phone number.

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“I gave him the photo, and now we will see what the answer will be,” said the confident girl from Ivanovo.

Later, in an interview with representatives of social organizations, Putin said that Ivanovo had always been called the city of brides, so he got an offer.

Julia admitted that she liked Putin a long time ago, but could not say what her chances were for marriage.

During his visit to Ivanovo, Putin also visited a children’s hospital and factory for the production of military and civilian parachutes.