Why Visual Search Is An Important Component In Digital Marketing?

The term “visual search engine marketing” has been around for several years. Although big companies such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google have used image search technology in their search engines for some time, it was only recently that this technology could become one of the significant trends in digital marketing technology.

This blog will tell you what picture search is and why it will be the most influential marketing trend.

What Is Visual Search?

Image search uses artificial intelligence to help people search using authentic images instead of text search. Therefore, when people photograph objects, such as using Google Lens, the software will recognize the objects in the image and provide users with information and search results.

This technology is particularly useful for brands and e-commerce stores, and with the introduction of optimized content, it may be a search result returned to the user. A lot of money can be made from businesses that appear in popular search queries.

There are many reasons why image search has become an important part of integrated marketing, but there are three main reasons:

1. Demographics Demands It

Visual search has been around for several years; why is reverse image search now a significant trend? The answer is simple. Generation Z consumers and millennials are more interested in visual search tools than any other new technology. 62% of millennials want to be able to search for products on the Internet intuitively. Since millennials account for more than 30% of total retail sales, and the purchasing power of Generation Z is $44 billion, marketing trends must follow these generational trends exactly.

2. Inspiring New Technology

The close relative of visual search is called visual mapping. Although the visual display is not exactly the same as the classic image search, it uses optical search technology and augments reality technology. Google LiveView overlays 3D hiking trails on smartphones so that users can accurately see where they are on the road.

It’s no secret that reverse photo search technology such as wants to automate customer service as much as possible. Since this picture search tool is based on artificial intelligence that will be particularly useful when guiding users to shop as a solution to after-sales problems. The image finder allowing users to find their clothing inspiration on digital marketing. Once they find the product they are looking for, they tend to get it faster.

Search engine marketing seems to be getting more and more popular. When Google developed LiveView, it combined visual search capabilities with AR technology to enable users to obtain information about the visual content they are currently seeing. As the younger generation embraces this trend, more and more websites are incorporating all aspects of visual search into their marketing plans.

3. Social Influencer Optimization

Influencers are now common in the retail industry. According to Retail Dive’s data, 91% of luxury brands said they would use internet celebrities, followed by sportswear (84%) and beauty brands (83%). But influencers have not yet reached their full potential, and image search can help. Currently, social media influencers usually post information about the specific clothing they are wearing and encourage users to purchase that unique clothing on the retailer’s website. Buy more products from sellers in two new ways.

  1. The visual search tool can first scan the influencer’s picture and tag her clothes by type. Users can search every detail of clothing to get a complete look. In short, you can invest in influencer marketing to sell a piece of clothing to customers for $60, or you can buy and sell all of their clothing for $250.
  2. Secondly, users like your equipment but want other similar options. Image finder allows them to search for the same type of clothes, providing shoppers with a wider range of shopping options.

The Future of Visual Search

In technology development, it is interesting to predict where they will go next. Technology is expected to become more accurate and ubiquitous, but what will the result be? It seems that it is only a matter of time before Facebook enters the market. In early 2019, they acquired GrokStyle, an artificial intelligence startup that supports IKEA’s visual search.

Given the value of image search to e-commerce, Facebook Marketplace seems to be the natural choice to click on the Instagram link, which is also inevitable. Instagram shopping ads already work by linking images to product pages. You are currently directly connected with advertisers, but moving to an automated process, users can do this from any photo. It will be a visual search. It also integrates naturally with chatbots.

The Bottom Lines:

Because images are so popular on the web and among social media users, you can take advantage of innovations such as reverse image search. As with all major innovations, the visual search tool will have a greater impact than originally anticipated. Regardless of whether the visual search is suitable for your marketing roadmap, the reverse image search tool will inspire you to use more visual content during the purchase process and further refine and improve your customer experience.

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